Friday, February 23, 2007

YEAH for retail therapy!!!

i finally got my "retail therapy." it was great!!!

-Wednesday I went to the mall in Lancaster w/ my MIL, b/c she had some things to pick up. I didnt get too much... shoes for erica and me. a swimsuit for her [b/c it has strawberry shortcake on it, and we're going to the beach this summer again] and two shirts for her.

-Thursday i went to the mall near Reading w/ my SIL and her 2 boys. The one is 2 days younger than erica [kinda funny] and the other is a baby, approx 6 months old. Anyway, erica and her cousins had their pictures taken together. Erica LOVES smiling for the camera. Its also helpful that she'll laugh at almost anything. Her cousin thats her age was a bit shy at first about it. but he warmed up then. And the baby-- well, its always hard to get baby's to smile for the camera, especially if you're trying to coordinate it with 2 other people. But in the end, we got some really cute pictures. I did get some also of erica by herself. they're adorable. [Oh, and btw, i did show up earlier enough to grab a latte. excellent!]

then we went for lunch. we ate at Chick-Fil-A. i got a salad b/c its healthier and it fits in well w/ my weight watchers diet. We took our time, then headed on. We stopped at Sears to look at clothing for the kids. they are having GREAT sales. i mean, GREAT! i got her lots of stuff: 2 dresses, 2 sweaters, some strawberry shortcake panties [sorry if that's TMI], 4 sets of pajamas. Thats alot, isnt it! but it only cost $30. Truly, thats amazing. It really is. The sweaters and pajamas i bought big enough for her to wear them next winter. But the dresses she can wear this spring/summer... I cant quite understand why they were on sale. but i'm glad they were! I had also picked up a snow suit for her for next winter. but i guess they forgot to ring it up, b/c when i got home it wasnt in my bag [but dont worry, it wasnt on the receipt either, so its not like i paid for it but didnt get it]. I want to go back for it though, b/c it was only FOURTEEN DOLLARS!!! okay, the last coat she got was $20, and it was only a coat. We had to buy the snow pants seperately. With this snow suit on sale, its the coat AND the pants. If i wait till next winter to buy one, i'll have to pay full price. ICK!

WELL... i also got to shop for ME ME ME ME ME! yeah! that was nice. My SIL and nephews left once we were done w/ the kid shopping, but i decided to look around at stuff for me. Well, i found some great sales. And again, they had things for sale that are spring/summer, not just winter. I picked up 4 short sleeved shirts, in a smaller size than my other stuff b/c i'm losing weight... i got those four shirts for SIXTEEN DOLLARS!!! thats amazing, considering most of them were $26 originally.

i feel quite thrifty. I'm satisfied w/ my purchases and dont feel 'shoppers remorse' at all.

-Thursday night i had my kids' club that i help out with. Afterwards i was gonna head into Lancaster to Barnes and Noble. I had my notebook with me, to work on my novel while enjoying another latte or cappaccino. Well, i got there, got out of my car, opened my purse to put the keys in-- and my wallet wasnt in there! BLAST!!! i left it at home, in erica's diaper bag b/c thats all i took earlier in the day on our outing. grrr. So i had to drive all the way home with nothing to show for it.

but on a positive note, it gave me the time to finish my blog template. I dont think i'll ever change the header again. its too complicated. i'm sure there's probably an easier way, but i just dont know what it is. But, i figured something out, and i think it looks okay.


Toni said...

I am wore out just reading about what all you did! Bravo on find great deals on clothes for you and Erica!

Abigail S said...

Glad you had some retail therapy!

And I love your template. Awesome job!

Becky L said...

toni-- talk about being worn out... i'm going back today to buy that snow suit. i'm not really up to it, but i really "have to" or i'll end up buying one full price next winter

abby-- thanks. i think for now i'm gonna keep the template. i might eventually change the header again though. we'll see... it just takes so much time. And we need to work on "justanotherquickquestion" first

Crazy Me said...

Nothing beats a good deal ... and Chich-Fil-A. Yummy!

'liya said...

I need some retail therapy too! :D

Becky L said...

crazy me-- good to see you back again

'liya-- yeah, retail therapy is a GOOD thing [as long as you dont get "buyers remorse" afterward]