Saturday, January 06, 2007

Walking in a winter wonderland

it feels like Christmas is still coming up. like it didnt happen yet. Not b/c of family get-togethers or shopping for presents. But b/c the weather ISNT COLD!!! i want it to snow. please! snow!

I want erica to experience snow. i'm really excited to see her reactions to the cold white stuff. Yeah, she was in the snow a bit last year, but she doesnt remember that at all.

But no. Today we have the windows open. Its supposed to go up to 71 degrees [F, for those of you who are used to measuring in C]. Okay, so its not as hot as summer can be, up in the 90's and occassionally 100's. But come on! For winter, 71 is ridiculous!!!

i want snow... sniff, snuffle, boo-hoo.

On to Other News...

All of this reading i've been doing is spurring on my desire to write. I have the dream of writing the illusive 'great american novel.' I just had to give it up for awhile, b/c i had no time. But now i seem to. Erica is still sleeping in until 9 or 10. So, I wake up when andrew does, and when he leaves at 7, i'm coming downstairs to my computer. And during her naps, i write some more.

Previously, i had about 5 pages. Now I'm up to 12. I know, still not that much. But i've been doing lots of editing on the previous things. I must say, its pretty good. No, its AMAZINGLY good. Whenever i reread thru it, i'm captivated! i can hardly believe that i'm the one who wrote it. And my introduction/prologue is fantastic. Totally gripping. Once anyone reads that, they'll be hooked.

no, i'm not going to tell you what its about. At all. I'm still kinda shy about it, not sure what people will think of it. The only one who knows anything about the plot is my dear sister, Abby.

Well, i must be going.
Happy Weekend!


Abigail S. said...

I think it's going to be a great book. You better dedicate it to me!

Send me a copy, so I can be your "editor!"

And so TRUE about the weather. It feels more like spring than winter! Augh!

I read a story to my kiddies called "When will it snow?" It's about this kid who wants to build a snowman, but it just won't snow! If finally snows in April. Watch that's what it does this year!

In further news, I'm thinking about bringing back my blog, Just a Quick Question. I feel like I have more time on my hands lately.

'liya said...

It's gorgeous outside! I'm quite happy about no snow. It means easier driving for me :D

Good luck with the writing, I always wanted to write the great "Canadian" novel haha... maybe one day. I'd love to read it when you're done!

Clairissa said...

I'm enjoying this weather, however I agree that it NEEDS to SNOW!

How about your dear FRIEND CLAIRISSA (getting to read your book)?

You're insane for getting up at 7... why don't you sleep in till the tike wakes up? CRAZY!

Becky L said...

Abby-- Yup, its dedicated to you. Oh, and if you bring back JAQQ, let me know! I'll jump on board too.

'Liya-- see, the one easy thing about me wishing for snow is that i dont have to drive to work. I can just stay at home. I know its not always fun to drive in snow, so i can see that you wouldnt want any.

Clairissa-- Waking up at 7 kinda started as a dare several months ago. At the time, i was feeling guilty b/c he wasnt getting breakfast in the morning. So, i told him i'd get up in the mornings to get him something. he said: "i appreciate that you want to, but we both know it'll never happen." Well, i've been getting up with him almost every morning since.

Clairissa said...

Well then I can understand why. Anything to prove these stubborn men of ours wrong. You go girl! P.S. Rob got up with Reagan this morning and let me sleep till NOON! I've not done that for a couple years. Nothing like THAT to turn me on... he was generously rewarded. lol ;-)