Monday, January 08, 2007


"If you squeeze an orange, orange juice will come out, because thats whats inside."

Saturday was girls' night! Yeah for girls' nights! I love them, in EVERY WAY!!! first of all, i get to be away from home. yippee! After taking care of a toddler all week, its good to be able to relax and have fun. Second, we always order chinese food. Andrew HATES chinese food, so i rarely get it. But Cashew Chicken is soooooo good. :-) Third: we watch movies. Yeah for movies! And finally, of course, is the girl chit-chat.

Well, you may have noticed my introductory quote. Odd? Well, when we opened our fortune cookies, Val's fortune said that. Can you believe it? Normally they have cheesey little quotes about gaining wisdom, success, money, or whatever. Where did this one come? Squeezing oranges? It made us all laugh.

As for movies, we watched two. We watched "Monster House." It was a funny little cartoon type movie. A "kids" movie, but not just for kids. Do you know what i mean? oh well. We laughed a lot.

Then we watched "Bride and Prejudice." It was cute. I liked it. I'm a huge pride and prejudiced fan... really, anything by Jane Austen. So, it was neat to see the Indian twist on it.

One of the reasons we got together was b/c our one friend is leaving monday. [actually, thats today, since its after midnight.] So, we wanted to get together before she leaves. She's going to India for three weeks. She was there over the summer for quite a long time, and is now going back. Then she's going again sometime in march for a few months. Well, she suggested we watch Bride and Prejudice, so we did.

She also had some other Indian movies, which we didnt have time for. But she let me borrow one... called Fanaa. [check the link for pics and music]


the best movie i've seen in awhile.

i'd recommend it to you all, but you cant really walk into your local Blockbuster Video Store to rent it. And you'd have to watch it in subtitles. It didnt bother me at all, but if you hate subtitled movies, you wouldnt like this.

Anyway, since most of you will never see it, i'll tell you what happens. A blind girl named Zooni goes to Delhi with some friends. She meets and falls in love with this guy, Rehan. They're gonna get married. And she's gonna have surgery to restore her eyesight. Well, once she wakes up from her surgery, she finds out that Rehan had died in a bombing. She's devastated. ...However, you soon find out that he was actually one of the terrorists behind the bombing, and escaped unscathyed.

Seven years pass. He's continuing w/ his terrorist people. On a mission, he's injured and has to drudge thru the snow to find shelter. He comes upon a house, knocks on the door, and who opens the door? Zooni, of course. Except, she has no idea who he is [b/c she was blind]. And another surprise: she has a son. his name is also rehan, named after the father that he thought had died.

Well, rehan is stuck at their house b/c of a snow blizzard. he tries to keep his identity hidden. He tries to stay distanced from Zooni... but he finds himself falling in love again. Finally, he reveals who he is. Of course, she's mad. So the next morning he leaves, saying goodbye only to the boy. When the son tells his mother that they guy left, she ran out into the snow after him. When she reached him, she slapped him. [this actually was one of my favorite parts.] And she cried: "how dare you leave me again!"

So, he stays. They're gonna be a happy family. [Except, he didnt actually tell them that he's a terrorist. They assume he's in the military.] But he insists that he still needs to finish his mission, and goes away trying to make contact w/ his group. When he returns, she realizes that he's this terrorist [b/c of warnings on the TV]. She runs away w/ the kid, to try to get help. She calls the police and they tell her that if he gets away to meet w/ his people, he'll supply them with a part to complete a bomb that could kill millions of people.

Hmm... so she's forced with the dilema of what to do. He finds her, assuring her that everything will be okay. Once he gives his people what they need, he'll come back to her and their son and everything will be okay. And he goes to leave. She grabs a gun and runs after him. She tells him to stop. He wont. She shoots and misses. He keeps going. She shoots and hits his leg. He falls, pulls his gun, and points it at her. Then puts it down, stands up, and keeps walking. She yells at him to stop. He doesnt. She shoots, and he dies.

i bawled my eyes out. It was so good. I'm seriously considering buying a copy for myself. And the music is so wonderful. I love it.


'liya said...

I'm not much of an Indian movie fan, but I have to admit that does sound like a good movie. And the first picture of the couple you have posted with the red clothing is simply beautiful - I love it!

Clairissa said...

Oooooo sounds good! And YIPPEE for Chinese food. I always get General Tso's chicken! Mmmmmmm...

raj said...

I was totally surprised to see a post title 'fanaa' on your blog. :)

Its good to know that you liked a typical bollywood movie :D

Btw, i reviewed this movie on my blog last year and I did not like it very much.

Becky L said...

NO RAJ! SAY ITS NOT SO!!! you didnt like it? i'll have to look up your post about it to see why you didnt like it.

well, i loved it. still love it. the songs are stuck in my head. Erica was gone today, so i spent the whole day cleaning, letting the music from Fanaa play loudly in the background

Becky L said...

Raj-- okay, i found your post about it. i actually do remember reading that. Your points are valid, and i can see how you wouldnt like the movie b/c of it. BUT, i'm such a girl, and really emotional. So i got caught up in the romance. sigh... i'm such a girl.