Monday, January 15, 2007

Potty Language

Last Wednesday we bought erica a potty. Yesterday I hid it.

My friend Clairissa had [what i thought was] a great idea. She bought a potty for Reagan before planning on potty training him, just so he could get used to seeing it. Some kids are scared of the potty, so having it early would warm them up to it. So, i bought one for erica, not planning on trying to train her yet.

Well, while she was napping Wednesday, i set it up. When she woke up, i took her to the bathroom to see it. I sat her on it, to show her what it is. And guess what??? she tinkled in it!!! [sorry if this is TMI for some of you.] i was so proud of her.

The brat is now obsessed with the potty. But all she wants to do is play. She would be content to sit on it all day and just play with the toilet paper. First of all, its a waste of time. Second of all, its a waste of toilet paper. Thirdly, for some reason i'm just not ready for her to "grow up." [Another Blogger who i tend to read had said the same thing.] Fourth: two times she got up off the potty and then peed on the floor. So, she doesnt really comprehend yet how to read and control her bladder. ... Thus, i hid her potty.

I dont feel like dealing with all the trouble its causing. See, Erica has a new favorite phrase: "STOP IT!!!" She is SOOOO rebellious right now. Everything is a struggle. She doesnt want me to dress her. She doesnt let me brush her teeth. [All though, that one isnt new at all.] She always wants to eat, even though she's already had plenty to eat and isn't really hungry. Sometimes she wont even let me pick her up. When i take away her crayons b/c she's purposefully snapping them in half.

WELL... moving on. I'm finally posting Christmas pictures. [Gee, and its only January 15th.] Let me briefly explain each one.

#1. Erica got Jewelry from some of Andrew's relatives. She absolutely loves it. [And isnt her skirt so cute??]

#2. This is from when erica was having fits when she woke up from naps. I took a picture of her, and it actually made her happy and she stopped screaming.

#3. Erica in her Christmas dress on Christmas Eve. My choir performance was that night, so she was dressed up for it.

#4. Andrew. Dear Hubby.

#5. Andrew's holding his sister's baby boy. Next is her toddler boy [two days younger than Erica.] Then of course, Erica and me.

#6. Erica opening presents. Don't you love her "Ooooo" expression?

#7. Me and Erica. She's holding her Strawberry Shortcake bubble bath and bathtub crayons. [I didnt feel like taking the time to put the pict in the right direction, so you'll just have to tilt your head to look at it.]

#8. Erica and my brother's son [2 yrs old] wearing their new slippers.

#9. My brother's baby girl [born this past Labor Day] sitting with Erica.

#10. One night, Hubby had a craving for cake. So he and Erica worked together to make one. I couldnt believe that Erica could actually hold the mixer by herself!

Well, thats it for now.


janelle said...

hey buddy...long time no whats your Feb look like?? i could use a girls day out!!

janelle said...

hey time no talk... whats your Feb look like?? I could use a girls day out!

Crazy Me said...

I have such respect for mothers. I can't comprehend what it's like to deal with children. Potty training sounds like torture to me!

Becky L said...

janelle-- i'll email you

crazy me-- i was trying not to let it stress me out. but when the "STOP IT! STOP!" started, it really did seem like torture.

Abigail S said...

Just an FYI:

I started JAQQ2! Wanna join, make it like before?

Becky L said...

abby-- i just sent you an email in regards to that.

Clairissa said...

Well, that's good that she has tinkled. Reagan only has twice. Now he just thinks sitting on the potty is a game in which Mommy and Daddy read me a ton of books while I get to sit naked and uninhibited. Not exactly the point we were trying to get across. Still, he only just turned two. There's still time. We'll crack down on it come summer time when age three is lurking behind the corner. I'll be glad when $30 of my grocery bill every week isn't on DIAPERS. Grrrr...