Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I've run out of ideas of things to do with erica. i dont have a clue...

It makes me feel like a bad mom, but i just dont know what to do with our days. i always run out of "activities," which means she's running around on her own and getting into trouble.

Part of the problem is that she's no longer sleeping to 9 or 10. At least she's not getting up right at 7 anymore... but its sometime between 7:30 and 8:00. Which has two drawbacks:
1) I dont have lots of free time in the morning to do stuff
2) The morning goes SOOOOO slow!!

which is what i'm talking about now. The morning goes on and on and on. I constantly look at the clock to see if its lunch time yet, so i can feed her and put her in her crib for a nap. [She now only does an afternoon nap, always after lunch, and not a morning nap.] But when i look at the clock, its only 9:30! or 10!

I did so many things with her this morning, but still ended up having lunch at 11:15 b/c i had run out of things to do. When she woke up, she and i made french toast-- which takes longer than the normal bowl of cereal. Then she had a bath, and i left her in there for what seemed like an eternity. Then we emptied the dishwasher and put the dirty ones in. She stopped for a snack of applesauce. Played with playdough. Then she watched a Strawberry Shortcake DVD. Then we came to the basement. And it was only 10:15!!!

We had visited every room in the house!!! And it was still morning! I had no idea what else to do. No clue. When the clock finally struck 11, i started getting her lunch ready. She ate from 11:15 till about 11:30 [she's slow]. Then we colored with markers. I set the timer for 11:45, and when it went off we cleaned up. And now she's asleep.

Seriously, i need ideas. Yesterday was the same way. She had a long bath, she helped make Jello, we had a tea party... but i eventually ran out of ideas and it wasnt even lunch time yet.

Maybe i'll make apple slices with her this afternoon. I have a bunch of apples that arent the type that i like, so they arent getting eaten. I figure that we might eat them if they're dried.

Not sure what i'm gonna do now. Hmmm...


Becky L said...

I HATE THIS NEW BLOGGER! all of my cool sidebar things are now gone.

stupid... blogger...

'liya said...

Erica has such big beautiful eyes! (I was looking at the pictures you put up in your last post) :)

As for ideas, hmm how about taking her to a storytime at your local library?

Abigail S said...

Sad day about the sidebars, Becks.

The pics of Erica are adorable! I loved spending time w/ yall on Monday!

And ask Rachel for some fun activity ideas. I'm sure she has bunches of ideas.

Becky L said...

becky-- [haha, i'm commenting to my own comment] To make matters worse, now my Zwinky wardrobe has disappeared.

'liya-- i do take erica to the library when they have the kids' time. but its not every week. starting in march, they will have a weekly program that goes for 8 weeks or so.

abby-- good idea! our sister-in-law DID have a college education in "early childhood."

Crazy Me said...

Maybe you could take her to a nursing home for volunteer time. It's never to early to start and the residents might love having a little visitor to coo over.

Becky L said...

i FINALLY was able to fix my sidebar. THANK GOODNESS! my zwinky wardrobe is still missing though. i need to put everything back together manually, which could take forever.

--crazy me: thats actually a good idea.

i need to go now; erica's awake

Clairissa said...

GET A PET! I tell you what, our siamese is enough to make the time fly by. Her and Reagan actually play together. Yes, with toys... they play. It's hilarious! You'd only believe it if you saw it. Best part, I didn't have to be pregnant for 9 months to give Reagan and sibling. LOL

Other ideas, play dates with friends who have children Erica's age (ahem! although all, some, or one of us has been deathly ill the past few weeks, so stay away for now!), do the painting with pudding thing, get a big appliance box (from a fridge, washer/dryer, etc.) and paint and make Erica a little Strawberry Shortcake House to play in, have dance parties (that's what Reagan and I do... he has all kinds of CDs of kid music and we play them and dance, he loves it and the time flies by).

If I think of anything else, I will let you know. Time probably goes slow because it's winter. Although to be honest, we have the opposite problem around here! Our days go zooming fast. Then again Reagan sleeps from 9 or 9:30 PM till 10 or 11 AM and then goes down for nap at 2:30 PM till 5:30 PM. Yeah, he's growing. :)

Agnes Mitchell said...

Hi Becky!! Well, I'll recommend an hour of TV if she'll watch it.
I think you're putting too much emphasis on doing things WITH her.
I know you say she runs around and gets into trouble, but she does need to explore on her own a bit. She needs the freedom of not being "watched over" and "monitored" at all moments. Cut yourself some slack. Can you shut her in a room with you while you read or e-mail and let her play by herself for a bit? She needs to learn to do that.
Riley runs about - living room to bedroom and back all morning while his Mom catches up on TV, bills, cooking, cleaning etc. (and new baby now) He does really well on his own. If she can't see him and he gets quiet, THEN she checks on him.
Don't stress yourself with having to keep her occupied. That's too much. Start her off at 15 or 30 minutes of Erica time. Give yourself a break.

Hugs and love and best of luck.

Clairissa said...

I totally agree with Agnes. Erica has GOT to have time where she learns to entertain herself. In actuality, there is only a very short time in the day that I really play WITH Reagan. He has learned to entertain himself and every once in awhile he will engage me in what he is interested in. You don't have to put such an emphasis on doing things WITH Erica. Just you nearby is enough. And if you don't want her getting into things she isn't to get into, you need to set up boundaries and spank (or other form of punishment) if she disobeys. It makes your job as a mom MUCH easier. Reagan is soooo easy to handle (I even leave him downstairs by himself for half an hour at a time, just peeking in every now and then) because we've always just been consistent in punishing if he touches things he is not to touch. Now he knows what he can and cannot touch... and he does NOT like when the spoon comes out. He knows we mean business! Makes things alot easier if the kid knows they WILL get punished, not just a threat.

Becky L said...

clairissa-- you are SOOOO lucky that he sleeps so much. wow.

clairissa AND agnes-- erica does play by herself a lot. she knows how to entertain herself. but still, i'd like to do more things with her. i just never seem to have any ideas. plus, if she's just playing by herself, i tend to get bored... and if i try doing something [like dishes or reading], she immediately demands my attention.

Clairissa said...

Yeah Reagan is like that when I'm on the phone. I can only have 2 minute phone conversations. He'll be totally engrossed in something, but the second I get on the phone, he bugs me. Kids!

In a small way, aren't you glad she bugs you when you try to do dishes? Then you don't have to do your housework! he he Try to engage Erica in the work you're doing. I do that with Reagan. When I vaccuum, he gets his play vac out and "helps" me. Or when I dust, I give him a baby wipe (in case he puts it in his mouth) and tell him to wipe the kitchen table and chairs or something harmless. At this age they LOVE to mimic "big people activities," so maybe that will spark your imagination. Good luck! (And either way, you're a good mommy!! :)