Sunday, December 17, 2006

Not a graceful waker

Before starting in on all the "Drama," i'll start with a few items. 1) I'm feeling a bit better. 2) Erica is saying more and more "sentences"... well, two or three words together. Today, she said "I go sleep." Thats amazing! b/c she's always just reffered to herself by name, not I. 3) My silly car is in need of a doctor. He's going to the car hospital on tuesday.

So, here's the current drama. The past few days, whenever erica wakes up from a nap, she screams like she's dying or in great pain, or at the least, just really ticked off. And this is WAKING UP, not falling asleep. I dont know what it is. It scared me so bad the first time, i took her to the doctor. that didnt really do any good.

It goes like this: She wakes up. I go into her room. She screams and screams. She bends her body in all kinds of really odd ways. [Which is why i think she's in pain.] She wont let me pick her up. She wont let me hold her. She wont let me rub her back. When i get her out of her crib, she just lays on the ground and screams some more. And continues with the weird contortions. It takes close to half an hour to calm her down.

Today, since andrew was home, he took care of her during all of that. I must say, it was nice to have a break from it. Cuz it tears at my heart when i have to be with her during it.

She's not sick. The doctor didnt think so. My guess-- She just doesnt want to wake up. Which actually doesnt make any sense. b/c the first time it happened, it was after a 2 1/2 hour nap.

I'm worried. Any clue what could be wrong?


Clairissa said...

Not sure what you mean about the contortions, but the flipping out like you described... NORMAL! Reagan went through that stage too. So take heart, everything is probably A-OK. Toddlers just do a lot of growing and changing and their emotions are WACK-O at this point. They have no clue what they want. This too shall pass! :)

Clairissa said...

...oh, and as far as coping with it. The best thing in my experience is to not make TOO big of a deal about it, or it could reinforce the behavior. I mean comfort her as much as she will let you, but without being really melodramatic (sp?) about it. Like a reassuring presence, but a figure of confidence... that she is JUST FINE and as soon as she wakes up, she'll be alright. You don't want attention to be her pay-off for this behavior (not that it's BAD behavior, but it's not something you want her doing into adulthood - ha ha ha). Know what I mean? Also, something you might want to try (if you havent't already) is taking her juice cup TO HER (drinking can help to awaken her) first thing when you hear her wake up screaming before even getting her out of her crib. Also, make sure lights are low throughout the house, TV's and music aren't on, there isn't chaos going on around her, etc. so it is an easier transition as she goes from sleeping to awake. For some reason at this age, they have trouble waking up... they get stuck in this in between thing. You just gotta give her time to wake up on her own, and unfortunately screaming bloody murder is how they accomplish that at this age. Don't fret!

Becky L said...

the link i have of the word contortion gives this definition:

to twist in a violent manner;
to twist into or as if into a strained shape or expression

That is an exact thing that erica is doing.

thanks, clairissa, for the reminder that i need to not overreact about it.

Clairissa said...

Yeah I know what the word means, but I can't envision it really, and I don't have a reason as to why she is doing it (i.e. Reagan never accompanied screaming with being a contortionist - ha ha).

And yes, most things with toddlers don't need us to react much. They're all about our responses and they feed off of it... so better to chill about things. Godd luck!!! :)

'liya said...

The word "contortions" scares me! I hope she gets better soon...