Saturday, December 23, 2006

What the Beta! ; Santa Baby ; Moo Moo

1) What is the big deal about Blogger Beta? I actually dont like it. First of all--

this is the first time i've been able to get in. I tried on my computer and Hubby's computer, but each time i tried to get to, it wouldnt open. Just kept the same blank screen for hours. ARGH!!!
The "nice" thing about Beta is that its easier to change your template. However, if i were to try that, i'd lose everything i already have. My weather girl, my coffee girl, my zwinky girl...
Which leads to my Santa Baby. Actually, my Santa Babe. I'm TOTALLY addicted to my Zwinky. Its so much fun putting together different outfits, etc. And I like it so much better than the avatars that Yahoo has. These Zwinkies are just adorable. Another cool thing... You can have them on your computer all the time, if you want. Without the background. [Kind of like the little paper clip or dog or einstein that Word had, which would give you daily tips and help you search for information]... Of course you dont have to put the Zwinky on your screen. But, i just think they're cute.
Anyway, i put together two holiday zwinkies. Of course, my santa babe. And also my elf girl. Since I'm constantly changing my Zwinky, i'm not sure which you'll see in my sidebar. So, i decided to put both pictures here.
3) Erica is saying more and more. I just realized yesterday that she's saying more "sentences" than i realized. [By that, i mean two or three words put together. Of course, they arent grammaticly correct. Example: today she said "milk a me." She wanted to get something to drink. And thats exactly what she did.]
She knows lots of animals now. And unfortunately, she has grown quite attached to her stuffed animals. She sleeps with: dog, doll, turtle, sheep, snowman, duck. Its quite ridiculous. But believe me, if one is missing, she knows it!
Which is what my story is about. She loves her Moo cow. It was one of her favorites. I went to my parents' house monday to bake cookies and brought Moo along. Well, we forgot to bring the cow home. So, when Erica was gathering her toys for bed, she looked around for Moo. i told Erica that Moo wasnt here, then picked erica up to take her up to bed. She screamed and screamed: Moo! Moo! Moo! Moo! And once in bed, she continued screaming.
Eventually, she got quiet. So i turned on the baby moniter to hear if she was still awake. This is amazing... Erica was having conversations with her animals. I couldnt understand most of it. "la na la Dog. Na ma la Dog. La de dah Sheepy. La la na... Moo?" Then she started to wimper: "moo... moo... moo..."
it was SOOOO cute.
Well, i'm done for now.
There's so much more to say, considering my last post was 6 days ago.
But i'll save it for later. Bye!


Becky L said...

Ahhh! I'm trying to add extra spaces between my paragraphs, because I hate when everything is so close. It makes it look so crowded. But when i go to publish my post, the extra spaces arent there.


Abigail S. said...

Hey girl! That's a cute story about Erica and Moo cow! I love her so much!

BTW, I prefer your Santa Babe. Hottie on the loose!

Clairissa said...

Rob and I both had a laugh about Erica and her "friends." Reagan does the same thing... you can pick out words here and there and the way he says it tells you what he's saying. He has "conversations" with his stuffed animals and toys ALL the time. Don't you LOVE this age?

Clairissa said...

...oh and about the Beta of Blogger. I didn't switch to it because Beta is code for "this is a trial and we want to see it in action so we can work out the wrinkles." I don't upgrade to things unless the bugs have already been worked out on unassuming people like yourself - ha ha! :)

Crazy Me said...

Never even thought about trying beta. You're a brave woman.

'liya said...

My yahoo avator needs more clothes to choose from! I love dressing her though :) I like the boots your Zwinky is wearing - very cute!

Abigail S. said...

I have a blog for my classroom... I switched it to Beta, and I LOVE it! It's so much easier!

For the sidebar stuff, I just copied all the html code and pasted it into a Word document, and then transfered the text back into the beta. It took some time, but it wasn't hard.

Raj said...

The zwinky does look cool.

The moo story was really funny!

And ya, I never moved to beta because I anticipated such problems. But the beta phase is over now so I hope things are better now.

Becky L said...

Abby- Yup, santa babe is the better one. i need to change her soon though, since its 2007 now

clairissa- reagan does it too? thats cool.

crazy me- i wish i wasnt brave!

liya- yeah, zwinky has a good assortment of shoes.

abby- so you have no trouble signing in?

raj- not too much better yet. having trouble logging in again.

Clairissa said...

I think BECKY has a good assortment of shoes too... am I right? ;-)

And yes Reagan does it too... at this age, I think they do alot of the same things. It's pretty predictable. But, now I understand all those mothers I used to roll my eyes at pre-motherhood. We brag about our little ones and to be honest it's nothing different than any other kid that age (generally), but we just love them so much and are filled with such wonderment at their growth and discovery that we MUST gush about it to others. They're such SWEET little people, aren't they? :)

Becky L said...

okay, boy am I glad that I checked out these comments. the person prior to me [which I am about to erase] left a nasty message.
blast those blog-spammers!