Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Food Fight

Food and I are at war right now.

So, I've lost 21 pounds. WOO-HOO... right? You would think. But i'm so depressed. No one has really noticed. Its like the 1,000 pound man: if he lost 100 pounds, no one would be able to tell. Well, of course i'm NO WHERE NEAR THAT! But still, the concept is the same...

b/c of that, i've gotten a bit depressed. so, what did i do? eat! grrr, i'm dumb. Sunday and monday were bad. but, i'm back on track now. its all good.

yesterday, erica and i made banana bread... i baked them as mini-muffins, instead of a loaf, so its portion controlled! and with my weight watchers points, i can have 2 for 1 point. Anyway, erica got so dirty, flour all over her! so, i went to change her... and her back was burning hot! i couldnt believe how hot she was. I took her temp-- 102.7 F!!! stink, thats bad. so i gave her tylenol. i checked later that night and it was down to 99.5. a bit better, but not perfect.

you wouldnt be able to tell from looking at her... she was still running around and having a good time. she did wake up this morning at 6; i got her and rocked her back to sleep; she was so hot again. When she woke up again at 8, i took her temp. 101.6 F-- not good, but not as bad as the previous day. so, i called her pediatrition. Its really snowing bad right now-- we're supposed to end up with 8-12 inches. [i'm not completely sure.] So, the Dr said that since she doesnt have any other symptoms we'd just wait it out. keep giving her medicine though. He told me to buy some Motrin instead of the tylenol. So erica and i ventured out to the closest store to buy some.

i dont think we'll go out again. i can tell she really wants to play in the snow-- but that wont be a good idea. She is running around the house in short sleeves and a short skirt though, to help her body cool off adn reduce the fever. I'm just glad i called the Dr in the morning instead of waiting... it would stink to have to go out now. i think there's 2 or 3 inches already... i havent measured lately though.

okay, gotta go... dear erica is calling for me.


Becky L said...

oh, another food thing i forgot to mention...

i've SUCKED at making coffee lately. every time i try, it just doesnt taste right.

i think its b/c of the type of beans i bought. hmm...

Abigail S said...

Right now we have maybe half an inch. I hope there's more over night, and school is cancelled tomorrow!

Abigail S said...

YAY!!!!! Just got the phone call: SCHOOL CANCELLED!!!! I'm sleeping til noon, then blogging the rest of the day. Awesome!

Feel free to call any time. I wanna talk about this weekend.

Becky L said...

abby-- yeah, we just talked on the phone.

UPDATE-- well, i'm still losing weight, despite my sunday/monday eating frenzy. thank goodness.

and my coffee this morning was good!

erica still has a fever; 102.2 this morning