Thursday, February 08, 2007

thank goodness it was me

Yesterday, we played out in the snow. when we came in, i had my coffee to warm me up, and erica wanted something hot to drink too. so, i heated some milk in the microwave and added a bit of vanilla and sugar. very yummy.

well, today when i was having my coffee, she wanted 'some hot' again. [thats how she said it. quite cute.] So, i heated it up. not for long... i thought. i decided to test it before giving it to her.


i burnt my tongue on it. ouchy ouchy ouch. that was at least four hours ago, and it still hurts. i had to put an ice cube on my tongue. [needless to say, i didnt drink my own coffee then.]

So, i let it cool off and then she had it. I'm just glad that she wasnt the one that got burnt. i dont think she would have handled it as well as i did.

[oh, btw, i dont think i've mentioned this before... for christmas i got an espresso machine. so amazing! i love it. i make my own lattes now. so good. its a lot more work than regular coffee, but worth it.]


Abigail S said...

Yeah, thank goodness it WAS you!
JK, you know I ♥ you!

Clairissa said...

My mommy used to make me "Vanilla Milk" (that's what we called it) too when I was little. I should probably make it for Reagan. I haven't thought about it until you said something.

Crazy Me said...

I hate burning my tongue. Shivers seem to run through your whole body when that happens!