Monday, February 19, 2007

Retail Therapy

My cabin fever is still hanging on, but not quite as bad. The snow is still piled high at places, but not on the roads or on my driveway. we were able to take erica to see her Nan & Pop on saturday, and her grandma & grandpa on sunday. It was nice.

Today, i decided that erica should get a haircut. i tried once before, and it was awful. So i took her to "a professional." Well, i think the lady did a worse job than i had. grr... I had to take erica back later to get it fixed. its better now, but not great.

At least it got me out of the house. And i did shopping too. That was fun... but not completely, since most of it was just groceries. How fun is that?

TOMORROW, i might go to the mall. its been SOOOOOOOOO long since i've done that. i think i'm going thru withdawal. This may be just what i need to get over my blues.


I need to decide where to go. hmm.. Perhaps Lancaster. Its close and its my home turf. But, maybe i'll head up towards reading, to the berkshire mall. They have a Coffee Beanery there... awe, i love coffee. [Hence, why i'm awake now... I made my own Latte tonight. oh, i love my espresso machine. However, i wasnt thinking to use decaf coffee. Now i'm wired.] And they have an awesome Toys R Us up there. Erica's birthday is coming up WAY too soon. so i might look for a present or something. she can help me pick it out... ha-ha. But her 2 year old memory is pretty good, and she'd probably realize that the gift is hidden somewhere in our house.

ughh... i have so much to do for her birthday. Hubby told me not to have a party, b/c i'd get stressed out over it. I dont really mind; i'll end up having fun w/ it. But since i'm still recovering from my blues, its easy to feel overwhelmed. But retail therapy is coming tomorrow!
[BTW-- don't you love my latest Zwinky? I do! i think her outfit is ultra-cute. maybe i'll try to buy something like that tomorrow...]


Becky, Mom, Mommy, Hey you, said...

Thanks for visiting my blog..and I do love your Zwinky..too cute.

Retail therapy sounds great if I wasn't in the middle of NOWHERE, Germany.

Have a mocha coffee for me (with extra creme on top) our nearest Starvucks is over 2 1/2 hours away and if they EVER understand what I'm talking about I'd be happy..I even try to speak in German..sigh

Toni said...

Grocery shopping is one of my favorites- I can afford EVERYTHING in the place, just not all at once! And I come home with ALOT of bags!

Meg said...

Hey thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I love finding new people to read.

I still haven't braved cutting my daughter's hair. True, she's only one, but she's got some crazy bangs hanging in her eyes! I'm just too scared to have anyone put scissors near her head!

Akemi said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I love shopping. I hope you have fun going to the mall! I wish I can go out to shop but our mortgage went up by $500 each month (ouch!), so I'm trying not to spend any money.
Anyway, I would love to exchange links with you. Let me know if you are up for it.
The Hip Mommy's Place"

Becky L said...

becky, mom, mommy, hey you-- My hubby was in Germany awhile ago w/ the military. he was in heidelburg [if thats spelled right]. Okay, i'll get a mocha just for you!

toni-- grocery shopping is probably the most guilt-free kind of shopping. Though, i dont really plan on buying anything today... besides coffee, and maybe a B-Day present for my daughter.

meg-- yeah, hair over the eyes is a problem. thats how erica's was. i'd try and try to hold it back w/ clips, but she just kept pulling them out. ugh

akemi-- i like keeping up a list on my sidebar of other blogs... its so much easier for finding and visiting. When i have the chance, i'll add you to mine. Right now, i'm not sure where my daughter ran off to...

Mama of 2 said...

I understand the haircut thing. Girlie Girlie's hair is pretty long...long enough to put it in a ponytail (only if she would leave it in). I have been getting her bangs trimmed about every other time Little Man gets his hair cut. So that adds up to about every 12 weeks.

I am waiting until she reachs 2 years old (June) to get a true haircut. Just not sure what sort of style I want for her. At least I have a few months yet to decide.

Becky L said...

mama of 2-- wow, how lucky! your daughter has lots of hair! erica was bald for so long... it didnt start coming in much until she was 1. Its still pretty short and thin now.