Thursday, February 15, 2007

cabin fever

no, i'm not talking about the movie-- i've never seen it, and dont really know much about it. but i do feel like my skin's begining to crawl. [isnt that how the saying goes? or should i say 'being stuck inside is making my skin crawl.' who knows. it doesnt matter]

This snow has kept me at home. Hubby doesnt trust me to drive. I'm not bad at driving in the snow; when i was in college and doing my student teaching, i had to drive nasty back roads thru amish farm area to get to the school. talk about treacherous. But i think with Hubby, its more along the lines that he doesnt want erica in any car when the roads are slick.

The snow began tuesday morning. I got out to get medicine for erica, and have been stuck inside since then. i'm "supposed" to go out tonight to help at a kids' club, but i have a feeling it'll be cancelled. Tomorrow i have a mom's group, and if its cancelled i think i'll go insane.

At least erica's not grouchy-sick. she's had this fever, but no other symptoms. Tuesday morning 102.7; wednesday morning 102.2; this morning 99.5... I guess thats better. I suppose i should call her dr again. maybe it'll give me an excuse to get out of the house.
- - -
So, there's an up and down to everything, right? Last night i was torn between two things: stay up late to get things done. ah, blessed "me-time!" but, if i did that then i'd be too tired the following day to get anything done, and would end up napping during erica's nap instead of getting stuff done. Well, i chose staying up anyway. I went to bed around 1 am. I was thinking i'd sleep in this morning to get extra sleep and then i'd have energy to work during her nap. However, she woke up before Hubs even went to work. great. urg...

Coffee will now be my best friend. [part of the reason i stayed up last night was b/c i was stupid and drank an iced coffee at 8:30.] i'm drinking a cup of regular coffee now. maybe later after lunch i'll make a cappuccino. ah the joys of espresso.


Abigail S said...

I told you to go to bed at 10:30!!!!!

Mama of 2 said...

Hi Becky,
I wanted to drop by and first say thanks for your positive comments on my blog. I really do appreciate them. And secondly...I know the days that I want to sleep in or can (like today - older son was off school and I was off work) my daughter thought getting up at the crack of dawn was a good thing. UGH!

Thanks again for stopping by Confessions of a Stressed Out Mom and come by again. I know I will be back here as well.

Mr Martin said...

Greetings distant friends! I'm not a Mom but I think I'm an alright Dad so I'll post here. I like your animations; the coffee drinking one is funny! After hearing a co-worker's ordeal with kidney stones and I am fearful of drinking coffee. However, I have not made any life changes yet. You are in our prayers! Be patient, spring is coming. Tell Andrew he should buy you some flowers and give you a back rub for at least 10 minutes. Tell him I said so. ;-)

Becky L said...

oh, andy martin, you make me laugh. i'm not sure if Hubby will give me a back rub... though he did get me flowers a week or two ago. they did cheer me up

mama of 2-- thanks for coming by! always nice to make new blogger friends.

Abigail S said...

Hey there! Check this link out!

You need to add it to your sidebar! I found it via She has a mommy blog, too.