Monday, May 08, 2006

he's alive!!!! [and other tidbits to share]

so, 10:40. Not really late to most people out there... but seems a bit late to me. mainly b/c my hubby and baby are both asleep. I, however, had some coffee so i'm not really tired. i have something GREAT to share with you!!! coffeemate has chosen their new flavor. my wish has been granted! they chose vanilla chai spice. [and also that yucky coconut-- i guess they couldnt choose just one.] IT IS PHENOMENAL! so, so, so good. It really tastes like chai. and one of the wonderful things is this: sometimes when you put too much creamer in your coffee, its just nasty. But with this its okay, cuz the more you put in, the more it tastes like chai.

now, to my tidbits to share...

he's alive!!!
So, a few weeks ago i was telling a friend about my blog. he said: "what do you write about?" --insinuating that blogs are dumb and a waste of time. Now, i get very defensive about this... b/c lots of people see it that way, BUT I LOVE MY BLOG! so, i said: "i write about erica. what she's learning, what she's doing, put lots of pictures up. ... Though, sometimes i do write about odd crazy things. Like the man around town." AND I GASPED! i realized that I havent seen him in months!! what happened to him??? is he sick? was he sent to an insane assylum? did he die tragicly?
this really did have me quite shaken. I really did fret over it for a few days. Then, Sunday night andrew had a craving for icecream. So we went to McDonalds [and erica and i-- well mainly erica-- shared a fruit and yogurt parfait]. And as i sat down, I SAW HIM! i almost hugged him-- except for the fact that he does kinda freak me out.
YIPPEE!! i can play Where's Waldo again!

Broken glasses
Yes, my glasses are broken. By my daughter. Again. Last year when my family was on vacation, erica grabbed my glasses and broke them. So i had to wear a pair that were four years old until i could replace them. So, i got a new pair [the same style, so that i could reuse the lenses] and now they're broken again. So i am wearing my glasses that are now five years old.

Cute little things
Erica has been doing some pretty cute things. let me think of some of them...
~When we were driving by some nasty farms that smelled gross-o, i looked back at erica and she was actually covering her nose with her hand. Quite cute, really!
~She started playing with her toys. And i mean REALLY playing. She has a "little people" doll set with a castle theme. So, there's a princess and prince, and also robin hood and maid marriane. There is a horse-drawn carriage and also a little dancing stage. So, i was putting the prince and princess in the carriage and moving it around. Erica took it from me and took out the people. Typical... BUT then she put them back in and started moving the cart around. She then also took robin hood and maid marriane out of the dance stage and proceeded to put the princess and maid marriane together... hmmm... Ah well.
~She loves slides. She's absolutely addicted to them. Going to the park is so much fun. Well... we have a little hill/incline in our backyard. When erica was out playing, she sat down at the top of it and tried sliding down! it didnt work too well!
~We have a new table and chair set. Its little-kid sized. So, she's been sitting at it and coloring. its great fun. She's so proud of herself when she scribbles on it. Tonight she took her paper and ran to andrew to show him what she drew.
She threw her first PUBLIC temper-tantrum tonight. It was awful. i was so embarrassed. interestingly enough, just that morning i had been reading in my toddler book [see previous post for other insights from the book] about discipline and temper tantrums. the author said that there are two types of tantrums: 1) they are just feeling so overwhelmed by the complexities of life that they just break down-- in such situations, give them hugs and reassurance. 2) they want something and scream about it-- in such situations, NEVER give in.
Well, we were at the library. I was gonna pick out a baby einstein movie for her. well, there were computers set up, on low desks so that kids could use them. So of course, erica wanted to play with them. i told her no and pulled her away from it. she tried resisting my tug, then ran back to it. After a few times of this, her whines became cries which became screams. So i said: "Fine, no movie for you." And we left. I felt so embarrassed though. MY CHILD WAS SCREAMING IN A LIBRARY! libraries are supposed to be quiet places! I did make sure to talk calmly to her though, and not to be physical with her. [well, i obviously had to pick her up, which she didnt want and resisted.] I didnt want people to think that i'm so mean and crazy mother.
When i came home, i told andrew what had happened, and he said: "Not my erica!"
movie: The Family Stone [warning: spoiler included]
i rented The Family Stone. I wanted a good chick-flick to watch. it was really good. but... i HATED IT! well, just part of it. Her to-be fiance was a jerk. total jerk. HE SHOULD NOT HAVE ENDED UP WITH ANYONE!!! he didnt deserve it. Its excedingly rude to dump your to-be fiance for her SISTER! especially after having just met the sister. But, all in all i liked it. I felt so bad for the main chick. She was so unfairly treated. people all should be nice!
in closing: i think the pictures are so cute. The first is erica looking like a boy in her camoflouge. The second, if you look at her hair, you can see a bit of it sticking straight up. so cute!
ADDED IN TUESDAY: our refridgerator is broken. The freezer isnt freezing everything; the ice wont freeze, some of the other things are thawing, while other things are so frozen that there's ice covering it. I dont get it. AND, the fridge part isnt working either. our milk spoiled 6 days early. i feel so bad for erica! i didnt know that the whole milk was bad, b/c i never use it. So she's been drinking it while its spoiled. So anyway, now we need to figure out what to do about it.


Tickneen said...

You are too funny! Your mind is spinning at such a late hour! I hate that late night no sleepy feeling from too much caffeine, it starts a vicious cycle of more caffeine the next day to make up for the loss of sleep... Bummer action about the fridge dude, sometimes they just go. Perhaps you need to clean the vent/filter in the back? Cute pics by the way! Love the camoflage!

Abigail S. said...

Thanks for warning that the movie info was a spoiler! I want to watch it first! Coodos to you!

Erica is SOOO cute in that little army camo outfit! She's gonna join the army just like her daddy! (... or not!)

Becky L said...


Clairissa said...

I like the camo... very ghetto!! :)

Debbie said...

I didn't like the Family Stone at all, either; go see Dick & Jane for a great comedy!

Crazy Me said...

I need to get a new pair of glasses too. Believe it or not, one of my cats chewed through part of my glasses which means I have been stuck wearing contacts. While my boy likes it, I don't. I LOVE my nerd/librarian glasses. I LOVE THEM!!!!