Thursday, September 29, 2005

There's been another sighting


So, i was driving to my 'rents house yesterday. my gas was incredibly low, and i had no cash or credit card. Only checks.

Most gas stations dont take checks. but i knew of one that did. It was in the next town over. So, i drove my way over there and got some gas. I had to take Erica inside with me; she sat on the counter while i wrote out my check. kinda cute, actually.

so, i got in my little purple neon, and took off. As i was driving, i saw this person a bit away, walking. something about him looked familiar.

As i got closer, i looked intently...

IT WAS THE MAN AROUND TOWN! now, the amazing thing was NOT that he was walking, or even that he was this far away from our own little town.

THE CRAZY THING WAS... HE DYED HIS HAIR RED! like mine is. if even a bit redder. I couldnt believe it. i laughed and laughed and laughed... and Erica thought i was the crazy one.

You must understand, this guy has the rattiest hair. its yucko. well, now its red and ratty.

i'll have a real update on MY life a bit later. i just thought like sharing that for now.


Abigail S. said...

You are CRAZY!

Raj said...

Maye be these sightings aren't coincidental. May be he's stalking you.

Raj said...

Hey, i forgot to say this earlier but I saw your part of the world, Lancaster,PA on The Amazing Race this week.

Becky L said...

i dont think he's stalking me. he just IS randomly at other places. he just sits there like a manaquin. (haha, i know raj how much you hate manaquins!)

its like playing "Where's Waldo" in real life.

(btw: i didnt watch The Amazing Race, but i knew that they were gonna be out here. Did they specificly mention what town? interesting.)

Clairissa said...

I cannot believe that!!!! I didn't know he traversed so far our of "Our-Town-USA." (Becky and I agreed we would not mention our town due to safety reasons for our children -- haha!!)

Why the red hair?! See...see... if he has money for hair dye he shouldn't be bumming money off people.

Becky, I really think he MIGHT he after you. Or you are bored... because you see him everywhere, don't you? LOL I'm just pickin' on ya... but maybe you DO need a hobby other than "redhaired old haggy man spotting!" hahahahahaha