Friday, January 13, 2006

Erica is becoming a Baby Einstein

First of all, has anyone else been having trouble getting Blogger to open? it took me probably over five minutes to get to this point. grr, arg...

Thanks to wonderful Aunt Abby, erica has a really cool DVD. Its a Baby Einstein video. these things are really neat. Most, but not all, are named after 'famous' people and are themed after what that person is known for: baby galileo [discovering the sky], baby monet [Discovering the Seasons], Baby Newton [discovering shapes], baby van gogh [world of colors], etc etc etc. Though, some are just regular thematic, with no 'person.'

Example: the one that abby bought erica for Christmas was Neighborhood Animals. Its really cute. They talk about: animals in my house [dog, cat, mouse], in my yard [bug, bird, rabbit], at the farm [horse, pig, cow], and at the river [otter, frog, duck].

Erica LOVES it. she never before was interested at all in what was on the TV. even if it was other cartoons. But she sits completely enraptured with this. Its a combination of real animals, puppets, toys, and kids, and 'symphony' type music is in the background. Though, in the farm animal section, they sing "Old McDonald." And do you know what erica did today?... SHE CLAPPED ALONG WITH THE MUSIC!!! [well, she slapped her legs with her hands.] she's never done anything like that before. but she was keeping 'time' with the rythm. It was truly amazing.

She waves to the puppets. its so funny. sometimes she'll crawl up to the TV and stand in front of it, trying to touch the screen as if trying to pet the animals.

HERE'S THE CUTEST THING!!! last week, i sat her down to watch it while i went to make dinner. [thats the time i have her watch it, cuz i know it will keep her entertained so i can get dinner made.] well, she didnt want me to leave. she fussed a bit. so, i sat down. SHE CRAWLED UP TO ME AND SAT IN MY LAP!!! sure, she's crawled over to me tons of times. but she never actually scooched her bottom into my lap. so, we sat and watched together. so cute.

Well, Babies 'R Us was having big sales, and one deal was Buy 1 video, get one 50% off. so, i bought two new DVDs. We picked out Numbers Nursery and Baby Da Vinci: from head to toe. I liked the body one, and andrew liked the numbers. we havent watched them yet, but i'm so excited.

cuz, i was getting a bit tired of the same thing over and over (no offense abby!). erica doesnt tire of the repitition though. She actually thrives on it-- b/c, like i explained, she's learning the rythm of it and such.



Michaela said...

Baby Einstein is Wonderful For kids.. I love the Books that Have too... We had them in our Preschool Class and the Kids LOVED THEM!

Abigail S. said...

You're welcome!