Saturday, May 13, 2006

whats black and blue and red all over? -- ME!

i'm so bruised. its awful. It hurts just to look at it.

Here's my story:

Abby dearest came over friday. So before she got here, i was gonna head out with Erica to rent a movie. [Aeon Flux-- which we both really liked.] It was a quick, last minute decision, so i quickly shoved my items in my pocket and picked erica up. We went outside, i closed the door, and said: "OH NO!!!"

i didnt have my keys. I had my wallet and my cell phone, but no keys. Andrew wasnt home, so i called and said: "i'm locked out!" he wouldnt be able to get home for at least 30 minutes though. So, i sat on our front steps and just pondered what to do.

i had an idea... but no, no, that wouldnt work....
Then i thought a little more about it... but no, no, that wouldnt work...

then i decided: OKAY! lets try this! It was a semi-warm day, so i had the windows open. So, i decided to see if i could get the screen up and then crawl thru the window. I did manage to open the screen, so the window was now accessible. I looked at it, and decided that i surely could make it thru. But what about erica? i couldnt leave her outside while i went in... So i put erica thru first. And as soon as i set her down inside, i thought:


It wasnt width that was the problem-- it was the height. But now erica was inside and i couldnt just leaver her alone inside. So, i glanced up and down the street to make sure no one was looking, and then heaved myself up.

and of course, got stuck. BECAUSE, erica thought this was all so interesting. So, she just stood there in front of the window inside, looking up. And of course i didnt want to land on top of her. So, i'm dangling half in/half out the window, with my posterior available for the whole world to see. I did a very un-motherly thing: I pushed erica. not hard. dont worry. She was fine. she just stumbled backwards and landed on her bum.

not sure how long my window of opportunity would be open [haha], i started wiggling and building up mommentum to get myself thru. FINALLY, i fell onto the floor. i rolled over onto my back and started laughing and crying.

i was in so much pain. it hurt so bad. But at the same time, it was absolutely hillarious!

ahh well... Today i have some nasty bruises. On my thighs and my tummy. they're really red, actually. which cant be a good thing.

ahh well.

1) always make sure you have your keys before locking and closing your door.
2) close and lock the windows when you leave home; if you can break in, that means someone else could.


Akanksha said...

awwwwwwww.. i hope those nasty bruises go away soon..
nice adventure tho! ;D

Tickneen said...

Oh man, you are too funny! I am sorry you are in pain though! No spare key outside? Thanks for sharing this moment!

janelle said...

hahaha thats funny...once mike forgot the keys to his parents house whne we were dating and he had to lift me up and into a window...and i was in a dress (good thing i had a trenchcoat on)...then he forgot them when we went to california with his fam and they were still out there so he had to crawl though a tiny window in the garage and then he forgot the keys to the apartment twice in one day and then ...(noticing a pattern here, you're not alone...)