Friday, September 15, 2006

my new best friend... and some annoying new words

i have a new best friend... Febreeze! awhile ago i talked about commercials that i gave in to. Well, i recently have been seeing febreeze commercials and realizing that i should start using it again. we have a bottle but never use it. Well, i noticed that my house STINKS! not sure why... i think it probably has to do with a toddler who trashes the house. And our diaper pail is definitely adding to it. So last night, after she went to bed, i febreezed the WHOLE downstairs. this morning when i came down, it was much better! well, now that she's taking a nap i refebreezed the downstairs, and did the upstairs too... all except her room. i'll do that when she wakes up.

speaking of sleep... we've been having problems again. Right when i thought we had it fixed!!! Wednesday night she just wouldnt sleep. she was awake until way after ten. finally, i just put her in her room to cry to sleep. Her naps thursday were hard too. But that night, she only cried for about 5 minutes, and it wasnt the screaming like the night before. Today for her nap, she whined for only a minute then settled. Thank Goodness!

Well, she started a new word. Mommy. And it melted my heart!!! she says it all the time... and thus has become annoying! its still nice when she says it out of "love." [as much love as an 18 month old can have.] The problem is, she whines by saying Mommy. Whenever she wants something, its "mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy!" When i've been putting her in her crib, its "mommy! mommy! mommy!" when she's tired: "mommy, mommy." When she's mad, "mommy, mommy." Why does it have to be my name?!?!?

So, i feel like i'm gonna pass out now. i thought i'd had my anemia and dehydration under control. so, i got overly confident and started drinking more coffee again and less water. [I've still been taking my iron supplement though.] Seriously though, right now i feel like i'm gonna fall off my chair! it would probably be good for me to lay down. BUT i have so much to do. uhhhhhh...


Becky L said...

happy day! erica just went to bed w/o a fuss! not even one wimper!!! YES! I RULE!

Clairissa said...

Yeah I use Febreze from time to time also, and I really like it!

Had you done anything different to get her to sleep better?

Also, get back to me about going to PP... k? (Aren't I a nag? :)P

Becky L said...

Clairissa-- not really sure what we did differently. It just took her a few nights to get back into her groove.
I think the PP outing is good, i think. We have library in the morning, but its over soon enough for her to catch a quick nap before meeting you. I'll [try to] call you soon to sort out details

Crazy Me said...

Mommy, mommy, mommy .... take care of yourself!

Clairissa said...

Hey, got your voicemail. Sounds good! We'll just meet you there. :)