Friday, August 12, 2005

the only way to get rid of temptation is to give into it... Commercials Part 2 and a half

why "and a half?" b/c i spent FORTY-FIVE minutes working on this blog, when my computer froze and i lost it all! it was a wonderful blog entry-- tons of cool detail, awesome links! well, i was trying to find a link that would have a Mr Yuck Sticker (dont ask why). I couldnt find any. (if you can, let me know!) well, when trying one source, my whole screen froze.

now, to justify me spending 45 silly minutes on a blog, let me first say... i was waiting up for my laundry to get done. Andrew does not like wrinkly clothes, so i was waiting to fold it. well, after the let down of my blog, i finished up the laundry. i tried to sleep then... but it was too late. i had already gotten my "second wind." i get so tired around nine pm... but if i stay awake till midnight i am wide awake again. so, i'm in that phase now. so, i'm up and blogging again!

what a crazy-big preface.

One more introductory matter... i dont like the quote of my title. i believe that oscar wilder came up with that quote. perchance in "the picture of dorian gray." it was a very intriguing book... but i still dont like the quote

well then... there are times when i see commercials and YES, i give in! i decide to buy the product. sometimes for the better. sometimes for the worse.

1. Listerine Whitening mouthwash. during my pregnancy, i started using listerine. supposedly during pregnancy cavities are common. something about all the nutrients being sucked out and given to the baby. well, the stuff tastes nasty. so i quit using it. then comes this new product. i, like most Americans, am longing for whiter teeth. though, i havent gone as far as to buy whitening strips. (sorry to those commercials... you havent gotten me yet.) well, i thought this product would be good. i could fight those bad bacterias while whitening at the same time. well... THE STUFF IS AWESOME! i dont know yet if its actually whitening my teeth... its too soon. but, it doesnt taste awful. that amazes me. it makes my mouth feel so fresh and so clean, clean after using it. Verdict? Thumbs up!

2. The Oust fan. Again, a pregnancy thing. when i was pregnant, i thought that everything smelled awful! everytime i walked into my apartment i said: "this place reeks!" so, i decided to do something about it. this commercial boasts that it "eliminates odor causing bacteria." well, who wouldnt want that! so, i got it. well... i cant stand the smell! nasty. Thumbs down.

3. Garnier Fructise Shampoo/Conditioner. Now, this is only partially commercial. see, i was tired of my shampoo. i wanted to try something new. upon visiting a friend's bathroom, i saw that she used fructise. well, the commercials grabbed my attention. in a world where shampoo commercials are so boring, fructise just shines! the 'sleek and shine' commercials made me say, "yes! I want smooth and shiny hair!" so, i bought it. let me tell you, it smells so good. now, since, i've switched to their antidandruft shampoo. my little baby girl has "cradle cap," and needs antidandruft shampoo. so, now she and i share shampoos. Thumbs up.

4. Lysol Wipes. have you seen this commercial? this is probably my #1 of most convincing commercials. the voice says "if you're using an over-used washclothe, you might as well be doing this..." and you see a woman cleaning the counters with a chicken leg! Yuck! (oh, thats where i was gonna link Mr Yuck.) so, i went out and bought the product. now... i'm a bit of a traitor. i bought clorox wipes instead. i'm so bad! but, i must say, i dont regret starting this trend. now, i can be sure that my counters are REALLY clean. 2 Thumbs up!

5. Lysol disenfecting spray. This commercial informs you that there's more bacteria on your cutting board than your toillet. who wants that?!?! so, i bought it. a bit foolish. because, i already have the wipes! but, its a bit useful in that my sink drains are nasty. the garbage disposal doesnt work properly. and so there's miniscule things down there from even before we moved in. and, it SMELLS! so, every few days i spray the sink and especially the drain part. it does a pretty good job. Thumbs so-so.

Well, i'm not going to write much more. But, i would like to point out that at least the things i was convinced to buy are PRACTICAL things. i'm not going out and buying computers, camera phones, ipods, or fancy/expensive things like that. so, dont look down on me too much.



Clairissa said...

OK my comments are as follows:

(1) Good idea about the mouthwash. I am very "into" dental hygiene so I give you a THUMBS UP for using it. I think alot of people don't. However, I believe the dentist told Rob once that the chemicals they use for the "whitening" parts of toothpaste, mouthwash, etc. is bad for you, and it never really does any good anyway. So maybe you want to consider something without it, especially if you aren't noticing it even working...? I use Giant's brand of mouthwash, and it's cheap and GREAT and tastes yummy!

(2) Like your Oust Fan, I went through the phase of the "Wisp" ... pointless in my opinion! Use Yankee Candles for pete sake! More fun anyway!! :)

(3) I also use the Garnier shampoo and have for some time due to my incredibly dry skin. Also, an interesting tid-bit... I am someone who, when watching TV or a movie, I ALWAYS look in the background of the sets (I just do... curiosity I guess), and you would not BELIEVE how many movie sets have THAT shampoo in the background. It's the new "thing." :)

(3) I also do Clorox wipes... you can't have too many around when you have babies/children. Easy, quick, and they kill stuff. It's also a good idea to keep them in the bathroom for the husbands to use if they make a mess - they won't mind cleaning it up if it's easy and fun like a Clorox wipe! :) P.S. I think the Clorox ones are better than the Lysol ones. I say this not because I've TRIED the Lysol ones, but because I am being driven by advertising and the fact that Clorox has been around since like the 1800's. :)

(4) As far as a counter spray, I use Fantastik due to its wonderful, clean smell, it's ability to remove sticky tags off of things (oh you know... you buy something and they put the stinkin' tag at a horrible place and it leaves residue), and I like the name of it. It's well...errr... FANTASTIK!

I don't look down on you Becky... I'm the same way. I fall into the trap of commercialized America too. And I LOVE to try new things! :) Great blog, I enjoyed it.

Oh and here is something for you to try... the Clorox pen. So many uses! Use it around the spigot part of your sinks where there is all that gross germy residue or this morning I used it to clean the tray under the water dispenser on the 'frig' --- it's GREAT!

Abigail S. said...

I finally broke down and decided to take the Dove challenge. I am now using Dove deoderant to see if it makes my underarms nice and smooth.

Michaela said...

That is a Mr. Yuck Picture.. I have a Few of them, I happen to love Mr Yuck. BTW good Job on the Blog!