Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A drinker in the family!

Erica's been "drinking" from a cup since Monday. I wouldnt call it drinking... more like spilling. I put some water in a cup for her (not a sippy cup-- a regular type cup) and some in a cup for me. I drank while she watched, then I brought her cup to her lips. She opened up and I tilted it. She enjoyed it so much! when I would go to move the cup away she'd fuss till I brought it back again! I even refilled it once. Then she started holding onto the cup. I thought, "hmmm. what will happen if I let go?" She was already wet, so I felt adventurous. I let go, and she was holding it! Then, she actually lifted it up to her mouth! She managed to get a bit of it in her mouth... though most went down her back.

It was so adorable. LUCKILY, my camera was within reaching distance AND she didnt drop it before I was ready to take some pictures!

ps. Its late (ok, not to many of you... but I think its late!) So, no fun little links for you. Very sorry!

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