Friday, August 05, 2005

a lazy saturday morning

well, my "little strawberry" woke up this morning at 9. (halleluia!) she played for all of 20 minutes in her toy ladybug (like an exersauser) and then began yawning and rubbing her eyes-- this is her signal for "i'm tired! put me in my crib!" well, of course her daddy wanted to spend time with her. but, he too was tired. so, he put her down next to him, and now they are both sleeping.

so, now i have some well-deserved free time. i'm still being "lazy," but productive at the same time. i did my pilates (again, i'll talk about it in some future blog), then decided to clean up for the day. then, i made some coffee. awe, the wonders of coffee-- with french vanilla creamer! then, i had some blueberries/apples/yogurt mixture. yum! i'm in this fruit/vegetable kick lately. we're heading to the beach in a week, so i'm trying to shed some pounds by then. and it IS working.

then what... oh, right. i did my hair and then put on makeup. its funny-- even when i spend the entire day at home and dont go out anywhere, i still do my makeup. i'm addicted to the stuff. but thats ok. it makes me feel better about myself-- not feeling like a slob. ha-- i even dress up! no sweat pants here! (at least, not often. and if i do, they're the trendy kind that i bought at NY & Co.)

now, i'm blogging. i was gonna write about commercials part 2, but decided not to. it can wait.

what am i going to do now that i'm done blogging? i havent decided. maybe i'll do the laundry. though, if i do that, i will have officially ended my lazy saturday morning. (though, its noontime, so i guess its no longer morning!)



Abigail S. said...

Sounds like a good day indeed. I guess little Erica was just plain wore out. What did you do to her?!?!

Clairissa said...

I am a sweatpants/t-shirts wearer and proud of it! :)

Reagan slept in some too today - must have been a good day for it!