Friday, August 05, 2005

it IS a word!

ok, so a few weeks ago i got the word "malaise" stuck in my head. i wasnt completely sure what it meant. i figured it was something like feeling down and distraught-- or more like apathetic. i was saying "i feel a bit malaised." everyone told me it wasnt a real word.

WELL, IT IS! (kind of.) My copy of Merriam-Webster says: "ma*laise \ me- laz \ n. [F] : a hazy feeling of not being well." (fyi- that e is upside down, and the a has a line over it.) but, it has no varient tenses. so, i looked it up on the merriam-webster online site. click on the word above to see what it says... i like the option that says a vague sense of mental or moral ill-being.

here's my problem though... its all well and good that i new what the word MEANT... but how do you USE it. how do you use it as a noun? i want to use it as an adjective... a word to describe ME. but... well...

i'm so confused! i'm so malaised!


Clairissa said...

That word reminds me of mayonaise.

My "right now word" is abscond. It's a great word meaning "to depart secretly and hide oneself or to conceal, etc."

For example: "I was with a bunch of friends, and I accidently farted so I decided to abscond rather than be blamed for the horrific stench."

Please Note: Example above NOT based on a true story... or at least one I'd like to admit to.

Abigail S. said...

And I thought malaise was a country in Asia