Tuesday, August 29, 2006

under the weather

no, not erica-- she's fine. Its me that i'm refering to. i'm feeling under the weather.

I feel dizzy. really dizzy. light headed. faint. like i'm gonna drop over. i have no energy. my head is in this fog-- i cant think straight.

first of all, i know i'm dehydrated. i dont drink enough water. The other thing added to this is my anemia. awhile ago i talked about getting my blood tested for pernicious anemia-- a low vitamin B12 count in you body. Well, that was fine but my iron was awful. so i'm anemic. It can cause these lightheaded/dizzy feelings.

i havent been taking my vitamins b/c they've been making me sick. i hated that nauseaous feeling. so i'm trying to battle in my mind which is worse: dizzy/lightheaded/tired OR nauseaous? i havent decided yet. I did just take my Iron tablet though. i couldnt bring myself to taking the other vitamins too.

well, i need to go. this computer screen is hurting my eyes :-(


Raj said...

Get well soon!!

Becky L said...

actually, i am feeling better today! i need to make sure to drink more water today though, since i had coffee this morning...

Clairissa said...

Ick! Hope you feel better. See you Friday morning, and if you're not feeling up to it don't feel obligated to come over. :)

Becky L said...

clairissa-- i should be fine. i'm feeling better already. i just need to keep drinking water! remember those pregnant days? i was drinking 16 oz almost every hour. yikes. well, i need to start doing that again.

Agnes Mitchell said...

Hi Becky. :) I'm back in the land of the living...for a minute anyway.
Thanks for your comment. Your "reasons to live" list was beautiful.
Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I did the anemia thing a while back and the vitiamins were awful to me too. Fruit and veggies. That will get you back on track. And drinking water is good but it flushes vitamins out of your system so you're going in a circle unless you eat enough veggies.
For iron, spinach and green leafy things. Just add a salad a day and a banana (because water wipes out potassium) and you should get back to good soon.
Hope you're feeling better. :D