Wednesday, July 05, 2006

a drought

Well, there's definitely no drought in PA right now. Its been raining almost every day for over a week now. maybe two... i've lost count.

but, my blog has been thru a bit of a drought. Two reasons: 1) i'm extremely busy; 2) i'm in a bit of an emotional drought as well. Feeling rather blaaa

So, i'm going to the Dr tomorrow. I have an ingrown toenail-- gross, i know. But, while i'm there i'm gonna ask if they could check me for Pernicious Anemia. It runs in the family-- my great great grandmother died of it; my great grandmother died of it; my grandmother had it; my aunt and her two daughters have it; my mom has it; my sister and i both now think we may have it. What is it??? Basicly its a deficiency in B12 vitamin. Something inside the body rejects the B12 and wont let it do its job.

The symptoms? Fatigue, breathlessness, lack of concentration, mouth sores, heart palpitations, bruising easily, etc. And i have a lot of those.

ANYWAY-- i didnt plan on going into all of that. So, let's move on.

We had a busy past few days. Saturday was a 1 year birthday party for my cousin's daughter. it was fun. They had it at a park, and this place had the COOLEST play sets. They had these huge ships, and there were slides and things on them. After the party, we went to my parents' house and erica got to swim in their little pool. She loved it.

Sunday was relaxing. Then Monday erica and i went out to my parents' house again to go to the Kutztown Folk Festival. WooHoo for everything PA Dutch! I'd never been there before, so i was super-excited. They had lots of crafts and things for sale. Hex signs, furniture, soap carvings, leather crafting, wooden toys, bonnets [erica got one], Schierenschnitte-- dont even ask me to pronounce that! My mom used to do this, and its amazing. You choose a design and use a tiny scissors to cut it out of a piece of paper. If you use the link and then check out the showcase of pictures, you'll be amazed to realize that its all cut out, NOT hand drawn.

There was also a bunch of farm animals that kids could look at and touch. Erica liked the baby goats-- they were little and not very scary. But the cow freaked her out. We had her in a stroller next to the cow pen, and she was looking at him. Then suddenly, he moved his head out between the bars and right up to her, so close that his nose touched her face!!! she screamed at that. The one thing there that erica REALLY loved [besides the corn fritters and potato cakes] was the music. She was just enthralled with it. She bounced around to the beat of the music and then clapped when they were done. [in the picture one of the musicians is wearing a kilt. Not really sure why. Its not a PA Dutch thing.]

Then Tuesday was the 4th of July. Yeah! We spent the day with Andrew's family. It was fun. His sister and her hubby have a boy that was born 2 days after erica, so they had fun playing together. I forgot to get my camera out, so regretably there are no pictures to share.

Will life get back to normal now? i'm really not sure. Hopefully. sigh...


Raj said...

Good luck with that ingrown toenail ;)
I'm sure it will hurt.

Nice pictures, btw!

Abigail S. said...

Schierenschnitte-- Sharon (like the name) shnit (like the cuss w/ an n thrown in) uh (short u sound, as in 'u'mbrella). Sharon-shnit-uh.

Becky L said...

thanks abby!

Clairissa said...

Aww cute pictures! Sounds like lots of fun. And ah yes, those PA Dutch "shindigs" are so fun! :)