Friday, June 30, 2006

copy cat

Okay, so i have some riddles i'm trying to solve. I'm in love with The 4400 on USA network, and i was reading Mia's journal. I noticed that in entry 2, 3, and 4 there are random letters that are blue instead of black. So, i wrote them all down and am trying to decode them.

From entry 2:
can you figure it out? it actually didnt take me too long. Start with the last letter and move to front, only picking every other letter: c-o-p-y. Then, the remaining are c-a-t. And interestingly enough, the show AFTER that was about a copy cat person, pretending to be someone else. See, its a clue as to whats coming in the next episode.

So, here's the rest...
entry 3:
There might be something significant in the fact that T and K are capitalized... or it may not be anything. in the previous one, c wasnt capitalized and it was the first letter.
The show after this entry is about Mia and other kids being kidnapped by people from the future, and then Mia is sent back in time. She is erased from everyone's memory.

Entry 4:
The reason i want to figure this out is b/c i havent seen the episode after this yet. So, i want a clue! Hopefully if i can figure out some system of decoding, i'll be able to figure it out!

Any help please???


Abigail S. said...

Entry 3 is: "back to the future" because Maia goes back to the future. (ha, ha)

Entry 4 poses more difficulty. I spent over an hour on it. Then I gave up and went online to the 4400 message board (found at... I wrote the second post on pg. 13 (PAcoolchik3 is me). If you look through what everyone has been saying, you'll get more ideas.

Clairissa said...

We both LOVE that show and look forward to Sunday nights because of it. Sadly, I do not have time for the puzzles... too busy chasing Reagan around who is chasing our new kitty around! ha ha

Clairissa said...

Hey Becky... I'm back to blogging again! Woo hoo!! Check out BOTH my blogs, especially the one... there is a message at the end for you. I'm on a spurt... a bloggy spurt. Go read while it lasts!!! :)

Raj said...

I couldnt figure it out in the 2 mins that I spent on it :)

I like The 4400 but am not a big fan.

Clairissa said...

Is it just me or is the show REALLY confusing lately?!