Tuesday, June 27, 2006


its been that kind of morning. Okay, not fully. I had a nice time out for breakfast. However, before i left, i broke out in a rash! It was a Bath and Body Works product that was the culprit. So, now its in the trash can.

Well, i went out. I came home and put erica up to bed. Of course, she's been whining since then. But i let her go... b/c there's been another attack of the ANTS!!! i havent seen them in over a week, so i thought we were in the clear. But, as soon as i walked into the kitchen i saw them EVERYWHERE!!! swarms of them. And now they've crossed the "forbidden line." they had been staying soley in the kitchen: counters, cabinets, counters. BUT now they're in the carpet too. Who knows where they could be going!?!?!

So, i've spent an hour looking up pest control services. I've talked on the phone w/ two already to get $ quotes.

Hopefully hubby will agree to it. Its just driving me nuts. I cant take it anymore!!!


Clairissa said...

OK, I'm gonna be like Randy on American Idol... "I'm just keepin' it real!"

First, why did you throw out the B&BW product without seeing if CLAIRISSA wants it. Maybe I won't break out in a rash? he he

Secondly, not to be on this subject again, but perhaps if Erica is fussing if you put her down for her nap in the AM it is because she doesn't need one anymore!??? Really, by her age, she should be at ONE afternoon nap a day. Don't be mad at me for playing this tune again, but it's the truth... and I'm always "just trying to help." Isn't that my famous phrase? lol

And last, if you need a referral for pest control, I can ask my neighbor. They like their guy, and I could let you know who it is.

That's all for now..... :)

Crazy Me said...

I feel like I need a shower now! Thanks a lot!! LOL!