Thursday, August 31, 2006

a slacker blogger

wow. i dont write very often. shame on me!!! i was gonna [and still will] make reference to last thursday's post, and i realized that i only had one other post since then. how bad...

ANYWAY... i got rid of erica last thursday. :-) Andrew's mom took her for the day, b/c it was andrew's birthday. and i decided that the BEST [and free] gift i could give him would be a CLEAN HOUSE! then when he came home from work, we went out to dinner. we went to one of the popular smorgasborg's in Lancaster County-- Shady Maple-- b/c its a free meal on your birthday. so we really only paid for me. then we went out shopping for him. then we picked erica up and came home. it was a great night.

well, she's gone again today. yeah! okay, let me clairfy: i LOVE my daughter. a lot. but it is nice to have time to myself once in awhile. Andrew's parents are taking her to Dutch Wonderland. its an amusement park for kids. i've never been there. but it looks cool. they're taking erica and her cousin.

so, what shall i do today? For one, i'm blogging :-)
i havent decided what else yet...

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'liya said...

Dutch Wonderland reminds me of Canada's Wonderland here (big huge amusement park for kids and adults). Which reminds me, I want to go there one more time before school starts.. hmmm..