Thursday, August 24, 2006

picture time


so i FINALLY transferred my digital pictures to my computer. so, i'm gonna try to post as many as i can. hopefully it goes well...

Erica has taken a liking to walking around in our shoes. its rather cute. but it can be annoying too, b/c she gets really mad when she cant get them on right or if she has trouble walking. but on the whole, its really cute.

she's started dancing. its ultra-adorable. when we watch Strawberry Shortcake she'll dance to the songs. she puts her right hand up in the air and then turns round and round in a circle. ITS SO CUTE! i had trouble getting a picture of it though, b/c whenever she sees a camera, she runs for it. so my picture isnt really that great. but you can kinda see that her feet are moving. she doesnt have her arm out though. Sad. Do you like her skirt though? i love it-- but it doesnt match the shirt very well. [speaking of clothing, i believe she's gone thru a sudden growth spurt. i put a shirt on her today and it was soooo short! her belly was sticking out!]

we have a new nephew. this is #3 nephew. my other sister-in-law is expecting a baby in september so we'll see soon if its finally a neice or another nephew. Anyway... isnt he cute!!! OMG! it made me think two things: 1) newborn babies are so cute! i miss it so much. 2) I'm TOTALLY not ready for another! [i dont think i've ever shared this... i'm debating whether or not too... I'm not really sure we're gonna have any more. i have so much love in my heart for erica. i feel full, complete.]

To make things even, i am including a picture of the baby's brother. he is 2 days younger than erica-- isnt that wild?!?! In the pict, she's sitting in his special chair. A few moments later i got a picture of her tackling him. LOL! i wont include that one though.

finally, i'll show a picture of erica's new boots for the upcoming winter. They arent "snow" appropriate, just for pretty. They are pink suede with white fluff around the edges. They are just adorable. I love shoes!!! and i'm so glad she does too! it makes it so much easier to put shoes on her. If she hated shoes, she'd never sit still long enough for me to put those boots on. they have a zipper AND laces. And i really have to shove her foot in. But she's patient b/c she's just too excited to wear them!


Becky L said...

my daughter is so cute!

Abby said...

She IS so cute!

Hey- You hafta post a picture of her in her Eagles cheerleading outfit! She's so stinkin' cute in it!

Clairissa said...

Ohhh I was gonna ask you if either of the girls had their babies yet! When was she born? She is adorable!!

And I didn't know Erica has an Eagles cheerleading outfit! We should take the kids to Picture People and get their picture taken together... Erica in her Eagles gear and Reagan in his jersey!! :)

'liya said...

LOL I love the picture of him looking at Erica in her chair - very cute!

Agnes Mitchell said...

Yay new boots!! LOL
My sister got Riley dancing as soon as he could stand up. BUT, not dancing to Strawberry Shortcake. He's dancing to BILLY IDOL. AAAAaaaaa. LOL
Erica is just gorgeous. Her personality is really shining through now.
Oh, and I know you're not ready for another but I'm going to do the same to you that I did to her: "only child" is a syndrome. Don't let it happen to Erica. Bwwahaha