Friday, March 31, 2006

Random TV things

Okay, so here's my TV updates
[you're gonna think that all i ever do is watch TV, but its not so. You know i've been "quitting" coffee. well, i gave that up. i had coffee tonight. normally it doesnt get me hyper. but i guess b/c i've been off of it for so long, its really affecting me. so i cant sleep.]
Now, you'll also have to remember that i only get one channel (well, two), and so all we ever watch is NBC.

--Andrew and i started watching Heist. i REALLY liked the first two episodes. andrew didnt really like it though. oh well. its about these 5 theives who are trying to plot to rob all the jewelry stores on Rodeo Drive. I think the show has great potential.

--I was so sad for awhile because i thought scrubs had been cancelled. which i couldnt figure out, b/c its been around for awhile and is quite popular. its SOOOO funny. i cant even begin to express how funny it is. "JD" is hillarious. excedingly. And i'm excited that Carla and Turk are gonna have a baby. I really think that JD and Elliot need to hook up. they dated for a little while, but he broke it off. now she's with another guy, and i think it stinks

--Speaking of couples that need to hook up: Crossing Jordan is another one of my favorites. but its seriously starting to tick me off. First off, i like it b/c its that whole crime-drama thing. really interesting cases that they deal with. ANYWAY, "Bug" and Lilly need to hook up. A few weeks ago, he declared his love for her. But then in the next episode, he said he's over it now that he actually came out and said it. [the only reason he said THAT though is b/c she had a boyfriend. and i'm not sure where eh's been, b/c he's been missing during the past few episodes, which is good for bug.] On another note: jordan and woody are ticking me off. Last season, they finally hooked up, but she has a fear of commitment, so she broke it off. Well, he got shot and while he was being rushed to the hospital she told him that she loved him etc. that was the end of the season. this new season started, and he was mad at her b/c he figured that she just had said that b/c she thought he was dying. so, they didnt hook up. So, after awhile she got a new boyfriend. well, one fated-evening, woody and jordan had a romantic rendevue. [i posted about that when it happened.] So, she broke up with her boyfriend. She was wanting to start up the relationship with woody right away, but he said to take it slow. NOW, he has a girlfriend. WHAT!?!?!?! he explained that he didnt want to be with someone who could get over him so quickly. WHAT?!?!? he's the one that got over HER so quickly. grr

--My ultimate favorite comedy is The Office. [My name is earl comes on before it, so i watch that too-- Andrew really likes it. It is pretty funny.] Anyway, tonights episode of The Office made me mad, b/c "Michael" was being a huge jerk. Normally he's just being dumb, so its funny. but tonight he was downright rude. but bonus point: jim and pam were cute. they seriously need to just be honest and declare their undying love for eachother. Another great point: angela told dwight that he wasnt getting a "cookie" at their "financial meeting." haha... THE BEST PART OF THE NIGHT WAS... the commercials. NBC always have these "the more you know" commercials, where the TV stars come out and give important little messages, like being comfortable with who you are -or- not being prejudice, etc etc etc. WELL... as an upcoming April Fools Day joke, they had all of these fake ones. THE BEST WAS... dwight got on and said: "black bears weigh between 200 and 300 pounds; brown bears weigh between 500 and 1000 pounds. [okay, i'm just making that # up, b/c i cant really remember.] If you're walking in the forest, a black bear will run away from you; a brown bear will run towards you. Lay on the ground and cover your head. Once the bear is done attacking you, call the forest rangers." HILLARIOUS! at first i'm thinking: oh i'm glad he has one of these commercials now. then i start thinking: where is he going with this? and then when he talks about the bear attacking, i just lost it! i laughed so loud i was afraid erica was gonna wake up.

--I made the mistake of watching ER tonight. [mainly b/c i was too wired on caffeine.] And now i'm afraid that i'm gonna be hooked on it forever. i'm such a hopeless romantic lately. i'm on a chick flick kick. [say that ten times fast... Another side note: does anyone have any suggestions of good movies to watch? can be old or new ones. i just watched the new pride and prejudiced. OMG, it was amazing. "you have bewitched me, body and soul."] Well, Neela is falling in love with Ray, her roomate, even though she's married. but her hubby is in Iraq. i guess they got married as a whim, and he then told her that he was leaving. anyway, i'm so giddy about them falling in love. [even though my morals tell me that its completely wrong.] as she was leaving b/c she's moving out, he said something like: "i cant stop my feelings... but you're the best friend i've ever had." that is SO SWEET! The episode itself MADE ME SO MAD. the case that they had was so sad. These cops were in a car chase; when they pulled the guy over, they noticed that he was black and the girl in the back seat was passed out... and white. he was acting frantic, but not talking, and making all kinds of gestures with his hands. they figured he was no-good, so they beat him up: broke his jaw and hand. Anyway, at the hospital the doctors realize that he's deaf!!! that's why he wouldnt answer the cops. The chick was his girlfriend and he was rushing her to the hospital. he "told" them what was wrong with her, and they were able to save her life. those freaking cops beat him up for no real reason. he was really an outstanding young guy. makes me so mad that things like that actually happen.

If anyone actually lmade it though this entire post, i'll be amazed.


Abigail S. said...

Be amazed! I made it thru!

Val said...

Well sorry, didn't make it through the entire thing but I thought it was funny that we both posted about Scrubs on almost the same day. Great minds think alike.

Jennifer said...

Hey... Thanks for your nice comment on my Blog, Life in the Mom Lane ( You have an adorable girl yourself! I have bookmarked you. :) Take care and Happy Easter and/or Passover!

Val said...

Ok I gave in and read the entire post. I told you I would before I went to bed and I did. I does seem like you watch to much TV (haha) Just kidding. Have a good night.

Clairissa said...

Pardon me if I did not read all about each show. Sadly, I am not into any that you mentioned so I really have nothing to comment about. Pfffff...

And I still didn't hear back from you about the Easter Egg Hunt, so I assume you're not coming...??? or are you?

Becky L said...

thank you val for coming back and reading it all! so nice of you!!!

jennifer-- nice of you to stop by!!

clairissa-- YES, i'll come. i'll call you this afternoon to let you know.