Thursday, March 30, 2006

busy, busy, busy

i just cant believe it!!! erica's been napping for 2 hours! its amazing! yesterday she only napped for 45 minutes. so this is quite refreshing. i had lots of tasks to get done, and almost everything is crossed off my list already-- and its not even noon yet! yippee!

so, i'm trying to plan out the rest of the day. I think i'm gonna take erica to have her One Year pictures taken. kinda funny considering her birthday was march 9th. but she had fallen on her birthday and gotten all scratched up, so i didnt want to have pictures done until she was all healed. And of course, wouldnt you know-- monday she scuffed up her chin. but, its low enough that it shouldnt show up.

I havent posted pictures in a LONG time. i'll have to do that soon.

YESTERDAY, i had lunch with a friend. it was so nice!!! it was wonderful to get out for awhile and relax. andrew's mom came to watch erica so that i could go out.

Did you notice my #1 mom chick at the side of my blog? i just added her a few days ago. i didnt so much like that little doll, so i decided to replace it. She has semi-short red hair like me, glasses, and green eyes, and dresses comfortably at home like i do. However, i'm definitely not that skiny. Just like my Lancaster County weather chick. She's got red hair like me, but definitely dresses much more scandalously. (though, i must admit, lots of her clothes are quite cute.) right now she's wearing a nice red dress. Much more modest. (though, it may be different by the time you read this. she's always changing with the weather. she must have to do laundry quite often.)

Have a lovely thursday!
enjoy the upcoming weekend!!!


Becky L said...

i forgot to mention my coffee lover and penguin!

ok, the only thing the coffee girl and i have in common is that we both love coffee.

and i'm definitely not a penguin... though i do like weather a bit chilly-- but not freezing

Abigail S. said...

You are too much!

'liya said...

lol I like that #1 mom picture, it really does look like you. I'm really loving my weatherwoman too, do you feel a connection with yours or am I just weird?

I think I'm going to make one of those other dolls now too, I like how there's so many clothes to pick from :D

Raj said...

Yea, I noticed ur avatar. Its really cool! :)

Becky L said...

abby-- i know, i know, i'm just too much

liya-- yes, i do feel a bit of a connection with my weather girl. and LOL about all the clothes to choose from. i was torn between the mom outfit or the pajamas or the blanket with slippers.

raj-- glad you had noticed! yes, it was rather cool to put together