Friday, March 10, 2006

the best present of all

[my title is oozing in sarcasm...]

erica and i went out for a walk yesterday afternoon. It was such a nice day. Just a little breezy, but not cold at all. andrew had taken her out earier in the week to walk up and down the sidewalk and she liked it, so i decided to try it too.

We were having fun; just walking up and down the sidewalks. she was really enjoying the time outside. Well, after maybe 20 minutes we started heading home. She was starting to walk a little too fast, and i said: "erica, slow down a little." Just as i said it---


she fell and landed on the pavement. Luckily, she had her hands out and stopped herself-- but then tumbled over and landed on her face. [the lucky part being that it could have been a lot worse.]

so, my baby [she's not a baby anymore] has a nasty cut-up face. she has a huge scrape on her forehead. the side of her nose and the top of her nose are scraped badly also. One of her fingers is also really red-- but i think its b/c she's been sucking on it alot lately and its getting rather chapped.

i'm so afraid to take her out into public. i was gonna go out and about today. but now i think i'll just stay home. i dont want people thinking: "what did that woman do to her child?"


Tickneen said...

Awe, poor little rascal! I bet she cried hard on that one! There is nothing worse than watching your child in pain. My daughter who is 5 fell down the stairs last night. It was a nasty fall, luckily she didn't break anything. My wife was at the ER till 1:00 last night.

Crazy Me said...

Poor baby. She's had it rough lately, hasn't she?

Becky L said...

her little scrapes are healing. the forehead hardly looks bad anymore. she still has that scab on her nose-- which makes it SO HARD to wipe her nose, since she has a cold. ah well.

earlmadcap84 said...

Awe, the pictures are really cute, the poor little thing. I hope she is getting better fast. I finally got a Xanga, check it out

Becky L said...

no, val, no!!!

xanga is CRAPPY! its soooo un-user-friendly. blogger is amazing!

(i say this out of experience.)

Agnes Mitchell said...

Aw hon. They all do that. It's part of learning to walk. haha
Riley did it too. He has a nice "character" scar in the middle of his right eyebrow. :)