Monday, March 13, 2006

Its been a year

Yes, its been over a year now. And the truth has hit me: i can no longer blame my lack of fitness on "just having had a baby." because its been a year. And so, it is my goal that by NEXT year, i am not going to have to say to myself: "oh no, its been TWO years and i'm still out of shape."

Its nice that the weather is so great now. I just checked out my scantily-clad weather girl on the sidebar, and she says its 77 degrees F. Its so nice out... Erica and i went to the park today. And i plan on taking her to the park quite often. We had lunch there today, and afterwards went to her doctor appointment (more on that later...). This spring/summer, i'll be exercising by running around with my little girl. And i'll be eating better, because now she and i are eating the same things. So, since she eats vegetables, i eat vegetables. For snacks, its not cookies and other junk, but instead fruit and yogurt. yum! it really tastes better anyway.

At the Pediatritian today, they gave erica the thumbs up. she's growing well. She used to be a huge baby; above the 95th percentile in everything. Now, her height is 30 and 1/4 inches (88th percentile), and her weight is 22 pounds and 8 ounces (75th percentile). i'm still concerned about her weight (though they arent). before she was sick with that stomach virus, she weighed23 pounds and 4 ounces. So, she's twelve ounces less than that right now.

Erica's asleep right now, so i've been looking around at stuff on the internet. And i found a quiz to see what your toddler's temperament is.
Four kinds:
angel toddler-- they are just happy all the time. content in everything.
textbook toddler-- they grow, develope, and have temperaments exactly as the "books" say they will.
touchy toddler-- wants everything to be completely routine and knowable, and has a fit when something is different or doesnt go right
spirited toddler-- extremely active, adventurous, and curious. prone to having temper tantrums when interupted.
grumpy toddler-- often angry, obstinate, and easily frustrated.

can you guess what type erica is?

i was a bit shocked at first-- see, i had read the book about this when she was a baby, and it had helped me SO MUCH with figuring out how to help her at that stage in her life. She was a touchy baby. very very sensitive to things, hated being out-of-routine. So, i just assumed it would be the same-- Nope. She's "SPIRITED." Almost everything in the description matches her. She is so curious, she gets into everything. In the picture in my previous post, you saw how she's beginning to pull out the drawer from under the oven and climb inside it! And she does have a bit of a temper tantrum when we stop her. Not an all-out fit, but she sticks out her little lip and cries... Its kinda funny, as i think about it, b/c she's not crying out of anger; its almost as if she's crying because she thinks "If i cry, they'll give me what i want." hmm...

well, i believe its time for me to say bye bye!


Akanksha said...

i kne she would be the spirited type.. she just looks totally inquisitive... like she wants to explore everything.. its agreat sign.. she is goin to hav a good IQ..

Agnes Mitchell said...

I'm going to pass that on to my sister. I'm sure Riley is a "spirited" boy. He's into everything all the time. He's insanely independent though.
Neat concept. I suppose they change often.

Can you do your own temperance on that? I'm betting she'll be a lot like you. :D That's a good thing.

Oh, and also, my sis had the same "out of shape" issue and found out that birth control shots were working against her. No matter what she did she couldn't lose weight. Check into that if you're doing it.