Wednesday, March 15, 2006

crazy weather

i was just looking at the weather status for the week. and guess what... its supposed to snow on friday.


i dont get it. totally not fair. The weather had been so nice. erica and i have been going to the park, playing outside, having fun. monday we were both outside in short sleeves, it was that warm. And now its supposed to snow again? what's the deal????

ok, its not supposed to snow much. its not like we're gonna get another 10 inches or whatever it was we got a few weeks ago. But still-- its gonna be cold. grr... or maybe i should say brrr...


Valerie said...

once the weather gets nice, i wish it would just stay that way. don't get me wrong, i love winter but it had it's chance. bring it on spring! :)

Abigail S. said...

And did it snow?

Nope, not a flake.