Friday, March 17, 2006


i once had a friend who sliced his finger when he was trimming some trees. after the whole "drama" of the situation passed by, we started to call him slice...

well, last night i sliced my finger off...

ok, dont gasp too much-- i'm exaggerating a bit. let me share the full story.

i recently bought a vegetable slicer. its so neat-- it has four different ways you can slice vegetables. so, i was gonna make my own 'french fries.' so i'm slicing away... and my hand slipped. OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH! blood splatters everywhere. i ran to the sink to run water over my finger, but it stinged so bad. then i grapped a washclothe to wrap around my finger.

LUCKILY, erica was asleep. and remained asleep thru the duration of my wait. it was 4:45 and andrew comes home from work at 5... well, at 4:58 he called and said that he was just leaving. ... AHHHHH... so, i'm laying on the kitchen floor wallowing in pain, waiting and waiting.

[i have a very very low pain-tolerance... which is surprising since i managed to make it thru labor. but that was a completely different situation...]

while waiting, i started to wonder: what exactly did i do to my finger? i wasnt sure. at first i just assumed that it was just a deep cut... but when i looked at it [which was hard b/c it kept bleeding], it appeared that a chunk was missing. i looked in with the potatoes, but didnt see anything. so, i picked up the grater and examined it. i saw a piece of something, and assumed it was just potatoe. but on closer examination, it has fingerprints on it. YUCKO! its about the circumphrance of a pencil eraser, and maybe the thickness of a coin. -- no wonder i was in so much pain.

when andrew got home, we packed up some food and toys for erica and then went to the ER. it wasnt very busy, which was nice. they put some bonding foam on my finger. it fills in the gap thats missing. it'll stay stuck to it until the wound fully heals and the scab falls off. they then wrapped my whole finger in gauze.

so i need to keep it clean and dry. Not an easy feat when having a toddler around. lets just hope for no nasty diapers to change.


Agnes Mitchell said...

Ewww eww eww. Icky and owie!
But on the bright side, you can now break into houses with your one finger and never leave finger prints. Muuuahahah. (kidding)

Like a car wreck, this sort of thing usually causes people to tell you their own stories of terror. I'll refrain but suffice it to say they sewed it back on. hahaha
Poor finger. :(

Agnes Mitchell said...

Oh, and here's one for Abigail:
We (my twisted family) has determined that people are either "breaks" or "stitches" but not usually both.
You should ask on your site.

I'm stitches. I've had stitches 4 times but never broken a bone.

Valerie said...

WOW, you poor thing. I once pinched a piece of my finger off at work. I didn't go to he ER or anything though (haha). Anyway, I'll pray that Erica is extra good and Andrew is extra nice until you heal. See you on Sunday.

'liya said...

reading that made me feel icky :S Those peeler things can be dangerous

Hope it heals soon!!

Tickneen said...

Duuuuuudette, bummer, sorry to hear you slashed yourself! Even a cut like that can be traumatic. Like your whole body kind of trips out. I once tried to poke a hole in a plastic garbage can with a serrated bread knife when I was a dishwasher at a restuarant. The knife didn't move but my fingers slid right over the serrated edge of the blade. The blood ooozed. I still have the scar on my finger tip. Hope you heal fast!

Raj said...


That must have hurt a lot!!

Hope it gets better soon!