Monday, January 09, 2006

I dont really need any make-up today

[Doesnt Erica have the trendiest jeans? I love them!]

Well, its Make-up Monday-- But somehow i actually found time this weekend to read other people's blogs. Not sure how that happened, b/c things were so busy.

So, since i'm updated on everyone else, i guess i'll update you on me:

On Saturday, Abby came over. It was SO WONDERFUL! i enjoy sister-time. She and i went out, just the two of us, while Andrew stayed home with Erica. We do what most girls do-- we went shopping. It was wonderful. We found lots of good deals. I got a pair of khaki pants for $15 at NY&Co. Its almost IMPOSSIBLE to find nice khaki pants for that cheap. i was thrilled. They are so wonderful. sigh... THE BEST PART IT: i got them in a smaller size than normal. [however, i will not be sharing with you what that # is.]

Then we went to Barnes and Noble. I love that place. Its awesome. You can read books AND drink great coffee. I dont get there much anymore, so it was nice to go w/ abby. When i was pregnant, i would go to B&N all the time (unless i was working-- but i didnt work full time). I'd sit, drink my DECAF coffee, and read pregnancy books. Hehehe. Yeah, i read ENTIRE books. I'd start one, and then the next time i came back, just pick up where i left off. Ok, i know that that's not "nice." i should buy the book. But they know that everyone does it. There are no signs that say: "DONT read the books-- BUY the books."

After that, we went to my local movie store. They have an awesome sale: Buy two, get two free. So, abby loaded up on movies. [I've did this the previous week, so i didnt indulge this time-- but thats ok, cuz we always share movies anyway.] She bought: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; The Mindhunters; The Forgotten; and ... ... ... actually, i cant remember the other one. Oh well. That night then, Andrew, Abby, Erica [yeah right], and I watched Mindhunters. IT WAS STINKING AWESOME! a whole lot like Identity [if you ever saw that]. A bunch of people start dying, and you need to figure out who's behind it all.

Sunday was some-what relaxing. Erica took a nap in the early afternoon. Andrew watched Football, and i slept on the floor. Then Erica woke up and was grouchy. Really grouchy. REALLY grouchy. She took a nap again sometime around 3 to 3:30. Then another nap from 5:30 till 8:00. Then she was awake until 11:00.

BUT, it gave me an excuse to stay up and watch "Crossing Jordan." I LOVE THAT SHOW! I started watching it at the recommendation of Abby. She has stopped watching it [since she's a slacker and doesnt prepare her teaching material for the coming week until Sunday night -- LOVE YOU ABBY!], but i still watch faithfully. It was such a good episode. Last season, Jordan and Woody were starting to hook up. But then she got scared of commitment and ended things. But woody got shot, and as he was being rushed to the hospital, she whispered something in his ear. This season began with him coming out of the whole thing alive and okay. But he was mad at her. He thought that she was only saying those things cuz she thought he was dying, and that she didnt really mean it. So-- they didnt hook up again. pooh. But, in last nights episode, they went to investigate a murder out in the middle of nowhere, at a bed and breakfast type place. But it was actually one of those "murder mystery" places. But someone actually really did get murdered. They solved the case... and afterwords had some serious "lip-locking." YIPPEE!! the stupid bums better not mess this up again. I really want to see them stay together.

have a grand week everyone!


janelle said...

seriously buddy, you have way too much time on you hands...haha

Becky L said...


janelle, dont make fun!

Abigail S. said...

I did watch Crossing Jordan last night. It was awesome! The real reason I'd stopped watching it was cuz I was mad that Jordan and Woody had broken up. I hope they stay together!

Oh, and yes, Erica has very stylish jeans. She's just like you in that way!

Crazy Me said...

What an awesome day!!! I want a sister to do that stuff with!!!!!

JordanS said...

Becky you rock, you're awesome. I love you. *hugs*