Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A better use of my time?

So, i need some advice here. Most of you arent stay-at-home mommys, but still, you might be able to give some input.

I've been contemplating what i should really be doing with my time during the days at home. Basicly, my day consists of:

-Wake up when erica does; give her breakfast; play
-Erica takes morning nap; i shower etc; Blog
-Erica wakes up for lunch; play some more
-Erica takes afternoon nap; i get dinner ready
-Erica wakes up; play with her
-Andrew comes home

Should i revize these things? As you can see, all i do with the majority of my time is play with Erica. And actually, a lot of that time, she's just playing alone. I just sit with her, watching her. I like "messing" with her... Ex: if she has her back to me, i'll flick her ear, and she'll turn around to see what touched her. Hehehehe.

I dont like housework. I never have. I get done what NEEDS to get done. But i let other things just slide. Should i put more of my time towards those chores? If Erica is playing alone, should i just let her be?

There are a few reasons why i dont do that: 1) Even though the house is "baby-proof," there still are things that she can get into that she shouldnt. So, every two or three minutes, i have to run out to her to move her. So, i'm constantly interupted from my work. 2) She is very curious; whenever i try working on something, she crawls on over to see what i'm doing. When i was wrapping presents over the holiday, she unwrapped more than i wrapped. Quite annoying. 3) If i'm trying to do something and am constantly interupted, i become very short-tempered.

The way i see things, its more important for her to have attention from me, instead of me just letting her be so that i can get stuff done. But, maybe thats just my excuse so that i can be lazy...

What do you think?


Becky L said...

Today I accomplished several things:
-got laundry started
-Hung new curtains up (we just got them in the mail today)
-Washed dishes
-Cleaned up living room
-Went out to buy new stamps (they just went up 2 cents)

Abigail S. said...

I like your new pet penguin. Hey... can you go on my blog and try to see if you can get Lil' Oinker to fit in my sidebar? I wasn't able to do it... but maybe you can.

janelle said...

why can't i make fun...everyday is pick on becky day....anywho, they make these wonderful things called gates seriously. you can make a huge, and i really do mean huge, pen like thing for her. my bro did it for jayson blocking off the entrace to the kitchen and what not. they are grey connector things. they also basically blocked off corners where jayson could hit his head and put something big infront of the vcr so he couldn't get his hands in. then you are able to leave the room w/o fear. piece of advice...you don't want to play with her ALL the time. jay does that with jayson and the kid can't do anything on his own. he always has to have someone do everything with him. he can't be content on his own. bad thing, bad thing...

Becky L said...

we cant get a gate to fit our stairs leading upstairs. b/c of the way that the railing is, it wont work.

Tickneen said...

I consider myself lucky that my wife was willing to do this for our family. Most people can't afford to not work so they put their kids in daycare and off they go to work. The sad news is, your kid is left for someone else to raise basically. I went and visited my nephews daycare once and it was sad. It was a center
and kids hardly got any attention. It was dog eat dog. If I were you I would continue staying at home as much as sanely possible. I find that kids that didn't go to daycare full time seemed to be more friendly and empathetic. The daycare kids were always more aggressive and withdrawn. The best advice is to get another baby going, they play with each other taking you out of the loop.

Crazy Me said...

Spend the time playing with your little one. She'll cherish those memories when she gets older. Besides ... closets are for sticking all the dirty stuff in so nobody can see it! LOL!!

janelle said...

these gates don't connect to the stairs...they connect to each other and you can make a really big circle or like my bro did just run it behind funiture to block the way to the kitchen since in his place it isn't a doorway.