Saturday, April 01, 2006

At Last!!!

i'm finally getting around to adding pictures. And since its been a little while, i'm going to add quite a few.

So, erica has been enjoying the easter season-- in that she loves her easter basket! we fill little plastic eggs with "treats." no, not chocolate or candy. I put in little Gerber snacks (like vegetable crackers). At first, she was so confused about what the eggs were; once she figured out that they held little treasures inside, she franticly tried opening them but couldnt b/c she didnt know how. so, she'd run up to me with it and complain until i'd open it for her. But now she finally knows how to do it herself. In the first picture, you can see her picking the crackers out of the egg.

i took her out thursday to get her pictures taken. she wasnt too keen on sitting still for so long. but, we got some real cute ones. Anyway, the dress she wore was so pretty. i tried taking a picture of her at home, but she's got this odd little expression on her face. doesnt she look weird? And of course, you can see that she's playing with her easter eggs again.

This picture is just absolutely cute. she has this pathetic little pout. whenever she sees the camera, she wants it. which is why its SO HARD to get pictures at home. everytime i pull the camera out, she runs to me.

Hence, the last picture. i love that little outfit. i'm not really sure what it is about it, but i think its just adorable. its so loose and baggy, that she looks so cozy and huggable. REALLY huggable. i just want to scoop her up everytime she's wearing it. When she was sick monday w/ that ear infection, i dressed her in it. so, she was miserable but still cute.

BTW: i did something really dumb. Her medicine is supposed to be refridgerated. WELL, i left it out overnight by accident. so i called the pediatritian and said: "what should i do now?" he said that i can still give it to her, but if she gets diarrhea or sick in another way, to stop giving it to her and bring her in. hmm...

I have the morning/afternoon free today. yippee! andrew is out at a carwash/yard sale. we have a friend who's going to India in May, so she's trying to raise money for her trip. i helped her last saturday, so today andrew is helping. ... Well, saying i'm "free" isnt really true; i still have erica here. AND, i cant go anywhere b/c andrew has my car. [his wont work.]
okay, maybe i'm not really free at all.


Val said...

the car wash was really fun. every time a car would come the sun would come out and when we didn't have anything to wash the clouds rolled by. God know we need the sun to keep cozy when we were getting all wet. Happy April Fools Day !!!!

P.S. today is my mom's birthday (no fooling)

Becky L said...

i tried my prank on andrew, and it didnt work.

i told him that i "was late" so i took a pregnancy test and it was positive. but he didnt fall for it.


Agnes Mitchell said...

What great piccies. First Easter? Fun fun fun. Bunnies and pink things and eggs everywhere. :) My nephew isn't getting the "Easter Pictures". His daddy thinks that's too girly. lol

She is such a cutie. We have the exact opposite camera issue with Riley. Whenever we pull out the camera he goes all Vogue. He's a total ham.

Happy April. I have an aunt who was also born on April Fool's. Happy B-day to your mom.
And that was a naughty trick on the hubby. Glad he didn't fall for it. :D

Michaela said...

I tried that Trick on My husband as well But he just laughed and Said DUH we already Knew you were! Although My mother in law got me good... she said she was going an Alaskan Cruise on Septeber 16th Which is our Due date!

Becky L said...

agnes-- yeah, i guess easter pictures are kinda girly.

michaela-- andrew and i wanna go on an alaskan cruise sometime. i'm not sure if it'll EVER happen, but it sounds fun.

Val said...

Wow that is a really mean prank lol (good one :) )

Tickneen said...

Those pics are soooo cute! What a little sweet heart! Once again, your story touches me. It reminds me of when my kids were little. That pouty face is priceless! Thanks for sharing!