Tuesday, April 04, 2006

not much to talk about

ok, so this is gonna be random. i dont have anything big to say, but i haven't posted since saturday, so i figured i'd better write something.

-Have you ever had it happen that when you wake up in the morning, your whole body is sore? its kinda odd, b/c after sleeping you should be relaxed. Well, lately when i get up in the morning my feet hurt. isnt that odd? nothing else; just my feet.

-Erica went back to swimming class yesterday. i figured her ear infection was better. But i did try to keep water out of her ear. Anyway, she had a good time. She laughed alot when i was blowing bubbles in the water.

-i've been trying to give up coffee. i've failed. so, i bought more coffee and creamer... but now i just cant seem to enjoy it. isnt that sad??? what could this mean???

-My knees have been KILLING me lately. I have messed up joints. They are all too loose; instead of rolling nicely, they slam into eachother-- hence, the pain. Also, my kneecaps arent centered right, just adding to the problem. I'm kinda worried. it was once sooo bad that i couldnt walk. i'd just collapse in pain. And my wrists and ankles are starting to feel really sore too. i really need to do something about it...

-Should i update my profile pict? its kinda blurry, which isnt good. but, erica really hasnt changed in her appearance... and of course, neither has andrew or i. well, its something to think about.

WELL.... i'm gonna go. my pot of coffee just finished brewing. i'm gonna try to drink some now.


Val said...

I really think you should get your knees checked out. My mom has had knee surgery 4 times on one knee and I would hate for you to go through that.

Yes, I say go ahead, update that picture :)

Raj said...

Maybe ur guilt will help u quit coffee ;)

Ya, u shud do something abt ur knees before it becomes a serious problem.

Changing the profile picture is always a good idea :)

Tickneen said...

Take care of yourself girl.