Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A big THANK YOU to my Hubby

i've been so stressed out lately. its quite draining. i've been trying to relax-- yesterday i took a 45 minute bath in our Jaquzzi tub. (nice, huh?) but still stressed afterwards.

Well, andrew was dear enough to stay home with erica last night so that i could go out and have some "me time." I love painting pottery. There's a place not even 2 minutes from our house where we used to go together before Erica was born. But things have been too hectic. Well, i went last night.

it was fabulous. I could enjoy the peace and quiet. i could focus just on what was right in front of me, not being distracting by baby [i mean, toddler] getting into everything. I talked some with the lady who owns the place-- She actually remembered ME! like i said, its been over a year since i've been there. And she recalled that the last time i was in, i painted a little bank for my baby-to-be. So, i showed her pictures of erica. i'm quite proud of my little darling. she's such a cutie and fun to show off.

So-- what am i painting? A basket to keep my makeup in. Our downstairs bathroom is "frog" themed. Andrew and i had painted another frog thing once, and its in there too. [shown to the right--->] Well, i've been wanting to get some sort of decorative box to keep makeup in, and was so thrilled to see one that has a frog on it. ... over Christmas, i had a ceramic jar that was a gingerbread house in that bathroom. So, i could nicely hide my makeup in there. Well, now my makeup is just strewn across the counter, looking quite messy.

I'm absolutely quite enthused about this. I'll need to go back once more, since i havent finished it yet. She told me that next week is 1/2 price sitting fee, so i'm going back then.

I'll make sure to include a picture when its all done.


Tickneen said...

He is the father, he should be alone with his child. When you need a break, hand over the baby, and take a break. Men need to be challenged more I think. In retrospect, I am glad my wife worked when I was home with the kids. It really allowed me to learn how to be a parent. The working partner misses out on a lot.

Becky L said...

a note to abby--
do you wanna go with me to the pottery place monday night? i know you used to like ceramics when we were younger.

Martini said...

My wife is often complaining that she wants/needs a hobby, but she can't decide on anything. Maybe pottery (or painting it) would float her boat?

Abigail S. said...

I'd love to go painting w/ you, Becky. How exciting!

Abigail S. said...

Would it be easier if I came over Sunday night instead of Monday morning?

Lemme know.

Raj said...

The frogs look really cool! :D