Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Family Updates

i have so much to write about today. eek. a lot has been happening. So, i'm making this a seperate post from my Philly Excurssion b/c i dont want it to look too long. (right)

1) Erica went to the Dr for her post-hospital check. He gave her the two thumbs up. actually, he said he was so surprised by how quickly she got better. so, she's all clear for her birthday party saturday. --but i'm still keeping her home until then!

2) I'm afraid erica is gonna puke again though. But this time, i will give no sympathy. ... Before you think i'm an awful mother, listen: i think she has a new tooth coming in, but this one is towards the back of her mouth. So, she keeps chewing on her fingers. well, she discovered that if she puts her fingers far back, it makes an interesting feeling. She keeps sticking them farther and farther back, and she's starting to gag herself. Last night it was getting so bad; andrew and i both almost puked because of the sounds she was making. ick.

3) Another side effect of her teething (i think) is that she's having trouble sleeping.

a.She's becoming a very "light" sleeper: ie any little noise wakes her up. i now have a great abhorence for: microwaves, telephones, the cookoo clock, squeaky floors/stairs (though, at least i didnt fall down them), TVs, and garbage trucks.
b. she wakes up at 6:30 or seven (sometimes as early as 5:30). she's tired right away, but then only sleeps for half an hour. she cries till i get her, but then she's still tired. and she wont go back to sleep. its killing me.
c. i cant get anything done because of it. unless i want to start waking up at 5:30, i cant do things in the morning. and i cant during her naps, b/c they arent long enough. And i cant while she's playing b/c she gets into too much trouble. Example: monday i was trying to wash dishes while she played. she somehow managed to get a can of formula without me noticing and took it into the living room. She OPENED IT UP, dumped it on the carpet, and started playing with it like a pile of sand. i walked in to check on her and SCREAMED! it was incredibly hard to vaccum it all up.

4) We have more unwanted company. This time its not mice. We have ants. The odd part is: they are in my bedroom. By our dressers. Now, i ask you: why the dressers? why in the world would the ants be after my socks? I've never eaten in the room. Especially not by my dresser. They must be coming in from somewhere-- but the bedroom is UPSTAIRS. seriously, why arent they in the kitchen? --not that i want them in the kitchen, but it would make more sense.

5) the olympics are over and so NBC is back to normal. I've decided not to watch The Apprentice this season. its on mondays, and nothing else that night interests me (since "Surface" is over now). tuesdays i sometimes catch Scrubs-- its just hillarious. I watched Law and Order last night, just b/c the commercials showed that Olivia was gonna get shot. and did she?-- no. so i stayed up for no reason. Anyway. Thursday "The Office" is on again! YIPPEE!!! i absolutely love that show. its just amazingly funny.



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Happy March to you too!!

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thank you!!!

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