Sunday, February 26, 2006

my husband and my new computer

WELL EVERYONE-- i've just about done it. of course, with the help of andrew. The basement is CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN! yippee! of course, there are finishing touches needed, especially with decorations. [for those of you just joining this saga: erica's birthday party is this coming saturday! only six days away!!]

One of the things that needed to be done was setting up our new computer. actually, it isnt brand new, but new to us. My dad is a computer programmer and always finds a reason to get new and improved comps. So, he gave us his "old" one, which isnt really old at all. So, its replacing my computer, which really was a bit old. This new computer was just sitting over on the counter collecting dust. So, friday i saved all of my important programs from the old computer and transferred them to the new one. Then, when i was out friday night, andrew switched them. YIPPEE!

the best part is: now both computers are hooked up to the internet. So, i can use mine while andrew uses his. --the only drawback is that our digital pictures are on his computer, so i'll have to use his when putting pics on this blog. [update: i typed and posted this on my comp, but just jumped over to his in order to add pics. i know my hair looks pretty bad, but its the only updated pic i have with me and erica.]

WELL-- last night andrew was being silly. He was using my AIM and contacting people at random. He would ask: "who's this?" to me, and before i could answer he would IM them. argg... Ah well. I think he IMed my dad-- he was gonna say something scandalous, but i stopped him.

NEXT TIME I POST, i need to tell you about my adventures [or rather, misadventures] from Friday night. Lets just say, i ended up in Philly. yeah.


Becky L said...

ps: i just clicked the pic to see it big, and realized that my face is rather shiny in it. ick. and, she must have just been eating, b/c she has gunk around her mouth and on her pants. ah well. ... oh, oh: the pic is from the day when erica puked all over the place. gross-o.

random thought: i love coffee

Mom said...

Dad said Andrew did not IM him. Dad does not have IM. Couldn't figure out where the picture was taken. Didn't recognize the chair you were sitting on. Then I recognized my kitchen chairs. Oops!

Raj said...


new computer!!

i am so in need of one at home :(

Crazy Me said...

Philly?!! I so want to hear this story!

Agnes Mitchell said...

Holy cow! You cleaned the basement! Egad. (can I rent you for a day or so?)

Here's to getting those decorations all done. Remember, they are mostly for you and for photos. The little one just thinks things are suddly brighter colored. :D

Tickneen said...

Ah a new computer... Love it! But it sure is a lot of work switching computers. Eeekk. I get handmedowns from my bro who works at an engineering place. It works good for home. My work pc rocks, it has all I would ever need.

Throwing parties is a big job too! I used to hate when we had people over because my wife would turn into a psycho cleaning freak. She would even arrange her sock drawer just in case someone looked in there. Drove me nutz. But now I know I was being selfish. Now I try to help her and it is fun.

mistyblue3 said...

I can't wait to hear about your adventure :) How terrible your baby has been so sick! It's hard when that happens, and to not feel guility when other family members get sick. You can't put them in a bubble, esp. when you think its an allergy. Don't blame yourself, happens all the time in mommy land.