Friday, February 24, 2006

mystery solved

okay, so i told you before about seeing that flashing little light on Erica's pajamas. well, i figured out what it was!!!

[drum roll please... ... ... ...] It was static electricity. Honestly. I'm not really sure how or why, but thats what it was. See, last night when i put her to bed, i covered her with her blanket and as i was smoothing it out, flashes of yellow light appeared where my hands were touching the blanket.

A-HA! i'm so glad to have figured it out. Its so odd though. The winters are so cold and dry, and things really do get staticky. BUT, i had a humidifier running in her room. So it shouldnt have been so dry. Oh well. Her blanket is made of fleece, which is more prone to static, i guess.

so, i'm not crazy. i wasnt seeing things the other night. A-HA! i just had another a-ha momment. the other night, everytime i saw the flash, she was moving. when she laid still it wouldnt happen.

OKAY... on with other stuff...

she's doing better today (so far). she did have some diarrhea yesterday. and she was hardly drinking anything. but this morning things seem to be going well.

i have TONS TO DO!!! ACK!!! her birthday party is only one week away, and i have tons to do. We're having it down in our basement, b/c there's lots of open space. BUT, it looks dreadful down here. [I'll take a 'before' and 'after' picture for you.] And, i have tons else to do. Like, develope pictures for her photo album, and work on her baby book. I want to have those setting out at the party. Also, andrew wants me to put together a powerpoint slideshow of pictures of Erica.

so, i need to get going. BYE!


Tickneen said...

Glad to hear you all on the mend! Drink your water girl! I have this Weight Watchers mug that rocks, it doesn't sweat and the water stays pretty cold. I enjoy reading your blog. It reminds of the baby days in my life. Some of which I miss, some I am glad are over. It's those simple tender moments like laying down baby at bed time, precious! Thanks for sharing!

Crazy Me said...

Glad to hear that your little one is doing better. Take care of yourself and don't get as sick as she did!

Agnes Mitchell said...

LMAO Static electricity! I wouldn't have guessed...and I would have FREAKED. My baby is lighting up!!!
I would have figured she swallowed a toy or something. Shu-eesh.

Good to know you're not crazy. LOL
Weeeee- birthday party. Wooohooo.
That'll be great! Can you say "photo op"?