Sunday, February 19, 2006

my daughter, the scandalous temptress... ... [and also:] I'M GOING INSANE!!

good golly.

so, we went out tonight after dinner. erica, as usual, made a mess of herself while eating. she actually ended up SITTING on pizza. so, i had to change her clothes before going. i was feeling lazy, so just put on a shirt and pants-- no onesie underneath it.

well-- the little hoochie decided that while she was hanging out with the boys (ages 1 and 2) she would lift up her shirt and flash them some skin!!! and, whenever she bent over, her diaper rode low and her crack was showing.

WOULDNT YOU KNOW IT-- one of the boys put his finger down her crack.

good grief. Toddlers are so odd.

that made me laugh though. oh, i laughed and laughed and laughed. i really needed it-- b/c she's been driving me nuts. it doesnt help that i'm already in an odd mood. but, she's been whining. Today she let me check out her gums (cuz i was letting her play with my teeth at the same time) and i think i saw a tooth working its way thru. which really would explain the bad mood. (this will be #9) but oh she gets so cranky. whine whine whine.

and she wont sleep. (another teething sign.) she only took one nap today, from about 12:30 to 1:30. VERY short. she didnt take a late afternoon nap. it was crazy. she was tired-- i know she was. But she just wouldnt settle down. Even now, she's finally down for the night, but not asleep yet. I have the baby monitor on and i hear her babbling away....

THE WORST WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!! i thought i was going crazy...

she went to bed around 10, but was a bit restless. she'd whine for five minutes, then be quiet for five, then whine, then be quiet, on and on. Well, around 12:30 it was getting louder and lasting longer. and i thought: "we cant do this all night! i'll go check on her." cuz i figured she had a poopy diaper. so, i got her up and changed the diaper and brought her into my bed and gave her a bottle of water to soothe her. she wasnt really settling much...

BLINK! what was that??? BLINK!! huh??? whats going on?

on erica's belly i saw a little flash of light. at first, i thought i was just imagining things. does it ever happen to you when your eyes are adjusting to the dark that things just look a bit weird. i just figured it was that. but then it kept happening. i said: "andrew, did you see that?" over and over. he wasnt really looking, but teased me. "Oh no, erica must be an alien!!" humph... NO, i knew i was seeing a light! it was real!!!

at one point, it was on her leg and was flashing more rapidly. so, i stood her up and said: "andrew look! do you see it? there it is! do you see it?" he still said that i was seeing things. ... Well, i turned the lights on in the room and took her pajamas off, searching them inside and out. I didnt see anything. This all made her quite upset, so i ended up having to take her downstairs and give her a full bottle w/ formula and rock her to calm her down. she then did fall asleep for the night-- though had the gall to wake up at 7:00.

over lunch, i questioned andrew about it. He finally said that he had seen it too, but was getting a laugh out of seeing me think that i was going crazy.

i think it was some sort of firefly or something on her. i'm not sure. but it was really odd. i'm just really glad to hear that i wasnt going completely insane.


Becky L said...

erica is now asleep, so i can safely go upstairs without risking disturbing her...
when she's in that half-asleep/half-awake state, i'm afraid to make ANY noise

Raj said...

Firefly? That is very odd.

Its good to know that u r still sane!

Akanksha said...

hi.. didnt want to leav this comment on the other post coz mayb u would miss it..

i just wanted to tell u that i feel really ugly too some days.. and fat.. i think its the worst kind of low self esteem thing to have.. i mean i envy all those girls wearing tiny lil tops and jeans..they r so lucky coz they double of what i eat and i end puuting on weight even with plain water!!

and my freinds never tell me that i look good so i always hav to coax them!! ya that includes u too raj!

i wish i was pretty too!
i am also having an ugly day i think!

Becky L said...

i saw the light again during the middle of the night again last night. ... so odd...

raj-- do you know what fireflies are? they're actually quite pretty, when there's tons of them out together. they flash a quick little light, a yellowish color. maybe every five seconds or so.

akanksha-- like some of the comments said under the previous post, start telling yourself that you're gorgeous! ok, its totally easier said than done. but i've been trying to do it, and its helping a bit.