Tuesday, February 21, 2006

the house is oozing with illness

erica's sick again. seriously, i have no idea why. Its probably the worst part about being a mother of a young baby-- they cant tell you what exactly is wrong with them.

she's puking again. a lot. and has a bit of diarrhea. in the previous post, i was writing at night and said she hadnt been sleeping well. Wonderfully (i thought) she slept in until 7:45, w/o waking up in the middle of the night. I went in to get her when i heard her making some noise-- she wasnt really fussing much. not nearly as much as some other mornings. I walk into her room and smell a nasty smell: "uh oh, someone has a poopy diaper" i thought.

then i saw her crib.

It was covered in nastiness. and it wasnt just in one spot; it was all around her crib. and she'd had an explosive poop as well. So, i took her into the bathtub and plopped her in. Afterwards, i gave her just a small bottle, which she proceded to puke up.

But then she was okay. she was happy, not whiny. She ate lunch without a problem. had fun playing. I thought that perhaps it was just something she ate. (she'd had pizza, like i last posted. i've been having a sneeking suspision that she's having trouble with dairy foods, especially cheese. So i stopped giving it to her after she was last sick, and she got better. I decided to give it to her again, and she got sick. I thought it was a natural conclusion to think that she was just being sick b/c of that.)

however, after having her dinner bottle she puked again. And then later, we had her in the car and she puked all over herself. ... she was asleep when she did it. i heard her cough and that was it. but then i caught a wiff of the smell. ick. we got her home and cleaned up. ... then she puked again.

we then put her down to sleep. i was up a few times in the middle of the night to check on her. Around 4:00 am i gave her just 2 oz of formula to settle her and get her to fall back asleep. it worked, and thank goodness she didnt throw it up. she woke up this morning at 7, and the bed was clean. YIPPEE! i gave her a bottle then, and she played a bit. But she was still very tired. So, i was carrying her upstairs when "blaaaaaaa." she puked all over me. Though, i'm glad that she puked on me and not the carpet. Its so hard to clean the carpet. i cleaned both of us up a bit, and then she seemed better, so i put her down for a nap. so, she's sleeping right now.

No matter how hard i try cleaning the house, it still smells. Thank goodness for the Oust Fan. its my best friend right now.


Becky L said...

the first time she was sick, i think she caught it from another little boy who is her age. he had actually been in the hospital for a few days cuz it was so bad and he was getting dehydrated. We thought he was all better when she saw him, but apparently not.

well, saturday she was in contact with his cousin. I didnt know that he was sick, or i would have kept her away. it wasnt until afterward that i heard someone say that he was still pretty sick.


i think i'm going to keep her quaranteened until her birthday party. (its the first saturday in march.)

Tickneen said...

Oh my gosh girl, have you called the pediatrician? They tell us that when there is vomitting for an extended period of time, you only give them spoonfuls of pedialite (we use gatoriade) 1/2 hr after the vomitting. Repeat every 1/2 hour for a while (not sure how long) to make sure they can hold it down. Make sure the inside of her mouth is not dry or that her eyes don't look sunken. Pinch her skin lightly, does it return to normal fast? I would get her seen, dehydration is bad news. Take care of you too, give that sick baby to hubby and tend to yourself, you need your strength while he is away playing work.

Abigail S. said...

Update to all: Erica is in the hospital. She spent all day throwing up. So Becky and Andrew took her in, and the Dr.s said she was very dehydrated.

I'll keep the updates coming, cuz I kinda think becky will be too busy.

Akanksha said...

i hope the poor baby feels better soon!..

JDS1000 said...

oh wow! I'm sorry Becky.

*hugs* :-( Hope the lil girl's alright, keep an eye on her and I'll keep her in my prayers


Michaela said...

I will be Praying for her! I hope she gets better SOON! I know having your baby girl in the Hospital can be very scary! just know a lot of people All over are Praying that she gets better!