Thursday, February 09, 2006

feeling crappy

okay, that's a bad choice for a topic heading--

erica is sick. i'm worried. she's got gross diarrhea (i wont go into details). and she puked last night. definitely wasnt just a little spit-up.

so, i'm stressed. i'm gonna take her to the dr today. she's taking a nap now, so i'm gonna quick shower etc. then call the dr. But there's so much i should do first--

one step at a time-- the first being: walk away from the computer


its 10:30 now. Erica is still asleep. i called her pediatrician. they are closed this morning-- so her appointment is not until 1:30. When she wakes up, if she's getting worse, i may just take her to my family doctor if they can give us an earlier apt. (Depending on how everything goes) i'll keep you posted. probably thru comments instead, b/c its quicker to fill out.


Tickneen said...

Awe, bummer dudette, sorry to hear your little one is down. Diahrea and vomiting can become serious if it last a long time. Every year, at least one of my kids ends up in the hospital for dehydration. Last time, we didn't have to stay overnight, they plugged her in for a few hours and she was good to go. Take care of you too, parenting a little one is tough work, especially on the heart.

Abigail S. said...

I just talked to Becky, oh maybe 20 minutes ago... she said Erica is doing better! Yay!

Lindsey said...

Awww. Poor thing. Everyone seems to be getting sick lately but I know how hard it must be on you with the baby. Let's just hope that you don't get sick too.

Raj said...

I hope she's doin much better now!

Becky L said...


erica was still having a few problems thursday morning, but by noon she seemed better. she's been doing fine since-- though, last night she woke up in the middle of the night. i couldnt get her to calm down-- so i gave her tylenol (she felt hot-- maybe a fever) and gas drops (cuz her tummy was making sounds). She then layed down in bed with me. eventually she quieted down. she fell asleep with her hand on my cheek. AWE!!!

i'm not feeling too good though. but i've got my pepto bismol nearby!!

Clairissa said...

Home all is well with little Erica by now. I've been praying for her ever since you called me on Thursday!! Reagan is much better too. His fever didn't last long thankfully!! I'm glad cuz I wanna get out and play in this snowstorm we're supposed to get on Sat/Sun.