Thursday, February 23, 2006

what a cute hospital gown!

when you're in a crappy situation, you just have to try to find a little something in it to laugh about-- for us, it was erica's little hospital gown. it was rather cute... it had pink elephants and whales and dinosaurs on it, and it tied closed in the back.

yes, as you can see, she was hooked up to an IV. they pumped her full of liquids. she was so dehydrated. she lost THREE POUNDS!!! its almost all back now.

she went in Tuesday around 1:30. And she was sent home Wednesday around 12:00. So, in all it wasnt that long. she didnt get to drink anything until 6:30 ish tuesday night. She just started with a few sips of Pedialyte. Then, twenty minutes later, she got some more sips. And so on. ... In the morning then, she had 4 oz of formula. And then she had some bread and pears. She was okay with those, so they sent her home. (when she got home, she had a little spit-up... just a few drops, so i didnt tell anyone, because i didnt want to jinx it. And then this morning, she would only drink 2 oz of formula, and she spit up a bit of that too. ... so, i'm keeping my fingers crossed.)

Well, i'm sick now. I deserve it. Because of my bad judgement, erica passed this along to two of her aunts, her cousin, and my cousin's daughter. i feel just awful about it. Like i wrote on Tuesday's blog, at first i thought she was just having a weird reaction to something she ate. Especially since she was okay then between breakfast and dinner. ... But i was wrong. And now i feel like a jerk.

So, i'm keeping her quarantined to this house until her birthday party. i dont want her to get anyone else sick, and i dont want anyone else to get her sick again.


Tickneen said...

Don't feel bad. I think all parents go through what you have been through. When they are small like that, its hard to know how sick they really are. Take care of yourself and don't forget, it will be a memory soon and you will find yourself barefoot in the grass chasing butterflies once again.

Michaela said...

Dont kick yourself to hard! she cant tell you how she is feeling and being as she had a reaction like that to cheese before I dont blame you for thinking that way! Hopefully everyone else can keep themselfs hydrated! she does look cute in that little gown!

JDS1000 said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Don't feel too bad Becky! Mistakes happen. *huge hugs* count your blessings instead, cause you did catch it later and you did take her to the hospital to give her what she needs.

Also, that gown is SO CUTE! awwwwwwww if you kept it she could use it to play "Hispital". I remember my brothers used to do things like that.

OH BECKY!! My blog is basically shut down, I am starting another one I'll give the link to you in AIM if I ever see you again; but anyways, MY NEWPHEW TOOK HIS FIRST STEPS THE DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He walked to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS SO CUUUUUUUUTE! He took four whole steps to me. I love him,

Raj said...

Those are some cute pictures :)

Dont worry, things will get better soon!

Akanksha said...

she looks really cute.. i hope she is feeling much better!

u also get well sonn!

Akanksha said...

i mean soon

Becky L said...

thanks all! she is doing much better now

-Tickneen: yeah, it will be a memory soon. When she's a little older and looking at those pictures, i can tell her how PROUD i was of her that she was such a good trooper... she really didnt cry too much while at the hospital (except when getting the IV in)

-Michaela: hydration is so important. i really need to keep hydrated... i dont nearly drink enough. i feel so woozy and lightheaded all the time b/c of it.

-Jordan: yeah, i hardly use AIM anymore. not really sure why...

-Raj: yeah, things are starting to look better. (i hope)

-Akanksha: thanks for your well-wishes. (and we ALL make typos!!! especially me... it just happens)

JDS1000 said...

Not that important,