Tuesday, January 03, 2006

My baby is not the baby she used to be... Part Two

Ok, i talked about this before. Sometimes erica is just not herself.

Now that she's getting older, she's such a happy baby. Because she can move around so easily, she can get what she wants. [Did i mention-- i dont think so-- She's starting to stand by herself. And she can take one step.] She laughs and smiles and giggles all the time. She's so cute.

But for Christmas, Aunt Abby decided to give her something special. drum roll please... ... ... A nasty cold. Erica is so cute, she's next to impossible to ignore. So, abby just wanted to pick her up and give her little kisses. Hence, erica got sick.

Now, if you've been reading this outstanding blog for awhile, you'll know that erica gets sick QUITE easily. She's had "bronchitis" two or three times already. Her cough was so bad that it sounded like she was choking. Gross.

She's got the cough again. Today its not so bad. I'm debating whether to take her to the doctor or not. Its $20 for the visit, and then $33 for the medicine (if its the same stuff again). Since the cough isnt so bad this morning, i'm leaning towards not going.

BUT STILL, she's grouchy. She wont sleep. I think thats the worst part. For me. I put her down for a nap, and give a sigh of relief... and she's awake again within twenty minutes. At this very momment, she's awake in her crib. I'm just letting her go though. She's not crying. Just "mum-mum-mum-mum-mum"-ing. Kinda cute, actually. The worst is at night. She's so tired. She really WANTS to sleep. She just wont. Example: Last night, she went to bed at 8:30. (which may seem early, but she didnt really have an afternoon nap; so she was zonked out.) Well, she woke up crying at 9:00. I didnt know what to do. ... thats the hardest part about being a parent. Not knowing what to do to help your baby. I dont want to get back into the habbit of running to her every time she wakes up. ... Cuz she's to the point now where she doesnt wake up in the middle of the night crying anymore. And i dont need to rock her to sleep. (which is great, cuz she's too heavy to hold for that long.) But, since she's sick, i dont know what to do. Should i let her go? Should i get her?

Well, we went up to get her. She stayed up with us then until 10:30. Then she went to bed and slept until 9:00 this morning.

Okay, i've rambled QUITE a bit. If you made it this far, then i commend you!


Abigail S. said...

Sorry for getting her sick!
I'm a bad aunt!

Becky L said...

she is coughing today. Worst than before. So i took her to the doctor.
more on that later.

Crazy Me said...

Awww ... poor baby. I hope she gets better soon.

Raj said...

Well! Mommyhood wouldn't really be an Adventure without all this, would it?

Have fun :D

Raj said...

I feel bad for Erica though
I mean, its not her fault that she has a bad aunt :)

Parth Anand said...

hey hope erica is feeling better now...

Becky L said...

raj, you crack me up!

yes, it is quite unfortunate for my little baby to have such an awful aunt.

[i cant wait till abby reads this!]

Tickneen said...

I had a friend that would go nutz with his sick babies. He would go outside in the middle of the night in the winter in his underwear and shake the small tree in order to get his frustrations out. There is no doubt that it drove me to the bottle. I am weak, my wife was strong. She loved those babies no matter what happened. I found it hard to give as much as you need to for kids. By the time our 3rd came around it was too much for me. I was not always the best parent. Everyone feels sorry for the baby but I feel sorry for the mommy. Granted its only your first and you probably react much better than me but still, its the hardest job you could ever do. The job that takes your nights sleep away and you are supposed to be happy about it? You sound like a great mom and I just wish you the best.

Clairissa said...

Yikes, Abby you SUCK! Just kidding!!! :-P

In answer to your question, only you - THE MOMMA - can know for sure what to do. I always say, when the kid is sick, all bets are off... as in, you bend the rules a bit cuz they need some extra care and lovin'! I know that probably doesn't help much, but good luck!

P.S. You've sure been blogging alot lately! I've been a ghost on blogger. :( :( :( Bad, Clairissa!!!