Monday, January 02, 2006

what does the new year hold in store?

I have so much to post about. I've been gone for so long. This time of year gets so hectic. Especially when you factor in: me being sick, andrew being sick, erica getting sick, and andrew going to florida for 4 days.

Right now, i'm typing and my baby has a stinky diaper and is trying to climb the stairs-- make that IS climbing the stairs-- IS HALF WAY UP!

-- -- --

ok, i'm back. But not for long.

I have so much to write about. But the new year is full of time. As for now, i need to pull Erica away from the outlets.


Tickneen said...

Oh man, those little babies sure can keep you running!! I forgot how much work it is! I don't miss the stinky diapers though, the smell seems to permeate the house. I used to put my babies dirty diapers in my brothers (who is single) car when visiting family. Our first 2 babies we didn't get that air tight diaper container so it always reeked! Finally our last baby we discovered that air tight genie diaper thingy. Good luck to you! Thank God babies take naps!!!!!

Becky L said...

we have the diaper genie too. yeah its nice--

but not 100%. Especially when you have to open it up to put the next diaper in!

... i have an Oust Fan. In a previous post (quite awhile ago), i talked about commercials that made me buy the product. Oust was one. At the time of the post, i said that i hated the oust fan. Well, its my new best friend. I discovered their other fragrance (rasberry or something) and its quite nice.