Thursday, October 20, 2005

My baby is not the baby she used to be

Erica is changing. She's babbling, she's crawling, she's sitting up by herself, she can pull herself up, she can hold unto surfaces and shuffle alongside them.

These things are not what I am refering to, however.

I'm not sure whats going on. I wish i did. but she's being odd lately. I kinda introduced the idea in "an awful day." She's not falling asleep. she's having trouble sleeping thru the night again. she's waking up too early. she's being grumpy.

Tonight, for example, she would not fall asleep. She used to go to bed around 8. She did not fall asleep until after 11 tonight. I tried and tried and tried. Nothing was working.

[Sniff, snuffle, tear, tear, tear.]

There's nothing worse (at least, not that i've experienced in my life so far) than not knowing how to help a crying baby.

She was tired. I was sure of it. But she just wouldnt settle down. everytime i set her down in her crib, she sat right up and started screaming. Not crying... screaming. I tried holding her and rocking her to sleep. (thats what i did the night before to get her to sleep) but even that did not work. I was thinking that maybe andrew-- and i-- have spoiled her by letting her fall asleep in bed w/ us if she couldnt settle down. I hence have refused to try it... but gave in tonight b/c it was getting so bad. But even that did not settle her.

Eventually, I gave her a bottle. Only four ounces. She wasnt hungry, i know... but it would be enough to at least calm her. I know i shouldnt have... but i was at my wits end. i put her down then, but still she screamed. so i picked her up and rocked her. she eventually nodded off and I successfully placed her in her crib.

deep sigh... ... ...

I dont know whats wrong with her lately. Is she just a brat who doesnt want to sleep? Is she spoiled by wanting to sleep with us? Is she getting scared and lonely? Is she too active to settle down? Is she getting sick?

I wish i knew.

I reckon she's getting a bit sick though. She's sneezing a lot. Coughing. Has a bit of a stuffy nose. And-- she's been spitting up, and it has phlegm in it. yucko. Its not normal spit-up. Its mucussy. Sorry to gross you out.

I need my pillow. Goodnight.


Clairissa said...

I'm not exactly sure what is wrong either, since I'm not with her all the time. But I do know that it very well could be that she got spoiled. That's why I told ya to be careful way back with setting a precidence, because they get a bit spoiled. Ya gotta be tough!! I hated being tough, but I am SOOOO glad I was, because Reagan is a gem. My mom said my one sister was the way you are sorta describing Erica. But my dad FORCED her to let her cry, and then she fell asleep. And she says every night the crying got a little less and less, until she went to sleep fine. Reagan did a bit of that too (back at 2 months of age). You need to catch it in time, I think, or they become more aware. The more aware they become the less control you have until they're walking all over us ... ahhhhhhhh!! :) Hang in there! Babies can be rough........ but as she gets more and more active she may wear herself out to the brink of exhaustion and not fight you. Another thing to consider is don't put her to bed when she is PAST tired. Put her to bed at or a few minutes before she reaches that point. If too tired, sometimes they can't settle themselves. Reagan had a busy weekend and was overly tired and cried the one night. Fortunately, my mom was here and she rocked and sang him to sleep. He just needed that extra help to settle. Oh, BABIES!!!!!!!!! So cute, but so much work!! :)

Raj said...

Well, kids are difficult. I remember my sister having similar problems with my niece. Fortunately, our mom was there for extra support.