Friday, October 21, 2005

Some random questions...

Shouldnt i be posting this under "just a quick question?" Probably... but since i just put a post there last night, i dont want to rush in with another question so soon. so... here we go.

I got this from another blog... I think i'll slightly modify it to fit my own personality... This is how it works: Just type your name under comments, and i'll answer these questions about you. Easy on your part-- hard on my part.

1. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
2. I'll pick an artificial fruit flavor that best suits you.
3. I'll say something from your own blog that sticks out to me/really made an impression on me/or that i just plain remember.
4. I'll tell you my first memory of you. (In the world of blogging-- for those of you that i know in person)
5. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
6. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.

If I do this for you, you must post this on your Blog.


JordanS said...


JordanS said...

btw, hope you don't mind. I edited your daughters pic! I love editing pictures... here it is

Clairissa said...

OK do me... but be nice! :-P

Michaela said...


Lindsey said...

Linny.... :0)

By the way...had to keep nephew last night...totally feel like I'm member of the walking dead...

Becky L said...

1. hands down, this is what i think of--- Fuel sings a song called "hemorage." and the chorus is something like 'you leave her bleeding in my hands.' Your old picture on the top of your blog TOTALLY reminded me of that song.
2. kiwi. :-)
3. i remember when you wrote about jumping of a ledge and beating away at a tree with your hammer-- or however it went. that just cracked me up
4. first memory-- this ties in with #1-- the pict at the top of your blog (well, what it used to be). i loved it.
5. animal-- i'll just say penguin, b/c you live in alaska. ok, i'm not sure that you see penguins ever, but i like them. they're cute.
6. the thing i wondered is about that picture that you used to have? what was the story behind it?

ps. that picture is quite neat.

Becky L said...

1. Ok, anything from Eminem makes me think of you. i used to HATE him before meeting you. then you listened to him ALL THE TIME, and so it rubbed off on me.
2. i'll say grape. its kinda tangy, but not in a bad way.
3. from "threegether" when you talked about that crazy shopping trip day. and trying to clean but reagan woke up. it was hillarious b/c i had the SAME things happen with erica that day.
4. when you commented on my blog the first time, i thought: "yeah! someone i KNOW is reading my blog!"
5. a mother hen "-)
6. hmmm... so many questions... Why in the world did you stay in touch with me? i dont mean that in a bad way, AT ALL. when at college, we were SO DIFFERENT, extreme opposites. you left, but still kept in touch. i'm glad you did!! ...but i remember, you HAD thought that i was a bit too ... ... conservative, maybe? i'm totally glad we did keep in touch... our jokes of "synchronized pregnancy" actually happend, and now we have babies! yippee!

Becky L said...

1. i was thinking too hard about this. then i stopped thinking and the thought hit me... for my birthday yesterday (happy birthday me!) i got the Cinderella DVD. and i remembered that YOU watched it for the first time not too long ago.
2. strawberry. You seem very sweet.
3. hehe. i remember that you said you loved halloween time. its my favorite also :-) and you also said that you were gonna dress up like hermoine. i thought that was awesome. i AM glad that you love halloween... some people just dont like it, and i'm not sure why.
4. my first memory... sigh... Yes, you gave me the link for that Mr. Yuck sticker. i was SO SHOCKED to see that someone i didnt know had actually posted, AND THAT you actually had found a picture of Mr Yuck. that was cool!
5. A koala bear. Dont ask why-- i'm not really sure why. its just the first thing that came to mind.
6. how exactly DID you stumble upon my blog?

Becky L said...

1. Moulin Rouge. B/C of your profile pict. it reminds me of the green fairy on the absynthe bottle.
2. Lime. Its kinda that fun, sassy taste.
3. i cant believe how many stinking people comment on your blog! i always try to comment before anyone else, cuz i think that there's absolutely no way you're gonna read ALL TWENTY FIVE or so comments until you get down to mine.
4. first memory-- thats hard-- did i meet you thru this blog or thru just a quick question? not sure-- i think it was this one-- anywho, you commented about my baby, i'm sure. and i thought: "yeah, someone else new commenting on my blog!" and thought, cool, she thinks my baby's cute!
5. animal... well, this isnt necessarily what i would call an animal... but i do think 'fairy' b/c of the profile pict. i explained that previously in #1.
6. you're not really afraid of becoming a spinster, are you? you've got tons of time!!!

JordanS said...

Hehe, tanks Becky!!!!! I love this picture too. I didn't do it, and I dont know who did it... I found it while searching the web. To me it's how I feel about love, I want to literally give my heart to my one. Everything will be hers, freely.


and I like that song too <3


Raj said...


Becky L said...

1. i'm gonna say that 3 doors down song: Let me go. Because, when i posted about that song, it was one of the first times you commented on MY blog. and it made me smile
2. fruit flavor... hmmm... mango- cuz its exotic and fun-- and if i'm correct, isnt mango grown in india?
3. something that i'll ALWAYS remember from your blog-- your manaquin story. it may be traumatic to you, but it makes me giggle
4. my first memory-- well, this isnt quite the first-- and you'll need to forgive me, i'm stupid; sometimes i'm a little slow on the uptake-- you started posting at Just a quick ?, and so i checked out your blog. read it and commented. then, on one of the ?s about yucky smells, you mentioned the bathrooms in india-- thats the FIRST time i realized you lived in india. i'm so dumb, b/c you even have that written on your profile.
ACTUALLY, i just recalled my first memory of checking your blog out. on my comp, when i view your blog, the font is TINY; i can hardly read it. so i commented about it to you. you said you made it bigger, but it still looked small to me. well, much later, my sister came over, and we were blog-surfing together. she was amazed when she saw your blog, b/c when she views it from her comp, the font is normal sized. somethings just dumb w/ my comp.
5. as for the animal, i'll have to say a lizard. b/c the pict at the top of your blog is of the empty road. and i can envision just a lonely little lizard crawling along the side of the road.
6. actually, i really like the title of your blog. and i wondered, how did he come up w/ that?

Clairissa said...

Oh my gosh, I had forgotten about the whole Eminem thing. I really DID like his music, didn't I? And I still do... I mean, I like the sound, but I don't like the words anymore, so I threw all my CD's out. HA HA

And I LOVE grape! Those are the first popsicles I go for or gum flavor, etc. Good choice!

That WAS funny how we had the same day that one day... quite ironic, really. Goes to show you that probably every mother in the world can find common ground. We all basically live the same life to some degree!

I'm glad that you were excited when I started commenting on your blog. I love to comment! I wish more people in our "real lives" paid attention to our blogs, but then again they probably aren't as obsessed as we are with blogging. I think we both have a flawed DNA marker that causes this obsession. What do you think?

Aww a mother hen... I like that! I would kind of agree with you. Maybe you meant it differently, but I see myself as always protective of everyone and trying to help and put everyone under my wing. It CAN backfire, but I think it's a good trait to have, especially in a self-centered, cold, uncaring world that we live in.

To answer your question... sometimes opposites attract. Also, I think we helped to balance each other out. I think I brought out a bit of your wild side, while you helped tone me down a bit at a time when I needed to tone down. Now, years later, we find ourselves in basically the same type of life with the same type of situations, and similarly frusterating husbands (hahaha) so it really works out. I like that you enjoy talking things over and are straight forward and pretty easy-going and happy-go-lucky like I am. I enjoy your honesty and how it seems that we can talk anything over, we don't hold grudges or anything like that, etc. All good things in a friendship! Pretty much I think our personalities are VERY similar. And OMG I had forgotten about our "synchronized pregnancy" thing... and you're right, it DID work out! HAHAHAHAHA

Love ya, Becky! I'm glad we're friends and our kids are growin' up together............. (Reagan's "girlfriend" is a cutie! he he)

Abigail S. said...

ok, now it's time to do your dear sister!

Clairissa said...

I'm interested in hearing Becky's first memory of Abigail - her twin sister! HAHAHA

"My first memory of you was your foot up my nose as we floated around in a bubble together. I thought you resembled a tadpole."


Becky L said...

ok, because of my stipulation in #4, i will not be sharing our womb-experiences.

1. movie-- sense and sensibility. everytime it comes to that part where they're afraid the one sister is dying, i bawl my eyes out thinking, "what would i do if my sister ever died?"
2. apple-- a bit tart, but very yummy
3. so many things in your blog stand out to me. i think one of my favorite questions was about the boss cheating at monopoly. very funny situation.
4. my first blog memory. when i began my blog, you made fun of me for having so much time on my hands. you thought i was silly. then you started your own. HA- i laugh at you.
5. Duck. Because i think of that stuffed toy duck you have that looks evil.
6. what have i wondered? does it have to be blog related? ... hmm... See, i dont have any questions. cuz i know you inside and out. we have the same dna. come on!

Abigail S. said...

You can't think of ANY questions for me? How about, "What do you REALLY think of me?"

I'll tell you:


Let's leave it at that!

I love ya babe!

Clairissa said...

You two are too cute!

Still I was really hoping to hear a womb experience, as Becky put it! Just kidding!! :)

Jessica said...

haha u dont even know me..i just know u wrote on my blong once:)):)):))(peaceshack):P

Raj said...

Sorry for being so late to reply.
Well, yes mangoes are grown here and I love them but my favorite fruit is pineapple.

As far as the title of my blog is concerned, shortly after i created the blog, i thought of giving it an interesting name but couldn't think of one. Since it was a monday afternoon, i just called it Thoughts on a monday afternoon and thought i'll write my thoughts weekly. But when I actually started blogging 2 yrs later, i was very lonely and it wasn't a monday so i renamed it, "Thoughts on a lonely afternoon". Whoa, long story!!