Monday, October 24, 2005

Ways I Can Tell That She's Tired:

1. When she's sitting up and suddenly just falls over
2. When she burrows her face in the floor
3. When she begins an adventurous expedition but after three paces, stops and just looks at where she was headed
4. When she yawns loudly
5. When she ravagely rubs her face with her hands
6. When she looks drunk while crawling
7. When her head starts nodding off to the side
8. When she starts whining
9. When she actually STOPS playing and CRAWLS up to me
10. When she has that 'million-mile stare'-- just looking nowhere in particular

I was watching her this morning and had this inspiration to write about. she's quite hillarious to watch while getting tired. She actually did every single one of these things this morning. i had no problem getting her to quiet down in her crib, because she literally wore herself out. i had her on the floor, with toys scattered around. she was playing, but yawning and rubbing her face. then she crawled up to me and sat in my lap. then she crawled away again. she was headed to my pile of shoes (which is a no-no), but before i had to move her away, she just stopped and stared at them, as if thinking: i dont feel like putting the effort into going that far to get them. And its absolutely hillarious when she's sitting and then just falls over to the side. Oh my. So, when she looked absolutely drained of all energy, i picked her up. as i carried her to her room, her head kept nodding off to the side, then she jerked it back again, then she nodded off... quite cute.

Some other comments:
Sorry its been so long since i posted. wow, life gets busy.
I'll continue checking on that past post if you still want to get my answers about you.
I have an update about the man around town-- my hubby, erica, and i went to the local farmers market this weekend. we wanted to buy some produce, baked goods, and pick up a wooden highchair for her. WELL, the man around town was there. We were walking behind him. he was within reaching distance! i was so excited. (i'm lame, i know)
She's getting sick. Just a cold. She has a nasty runny nose. I think she has PND (post-nasal drippage), and all that snot is going down into her stomach and making her feel sick-- cuz she spits up alot and its got phlegm in it (sorry-- thats gross).
Sundays are awful. Erica only drank 16 ounces of formula yesterday. Poor girl. She woke up and ate before we left, but not much. We got home at 12:30; she fell asleep in the car, cuz she was awake the whole time we were gone. So, we put her in her crib, and she slept till 4. She had a bottle. Then at 5:30 had her peas and peaches. she took a little 15 minute nap at 6:30. We tried giving her a nightime bottle, but she wouldnt drink it. she finally went to bed then at 9. Wow. What a messed up day.


Clairissa said...

I know what you mean! I love how they act when tired. I just took Reagan out for a big long walk, and I had him all bundled up. It was cute! Brought him in he went right to sleep. That cold air sure wears a little person out!!

And I am REALLY beginning to worry about you... what's with you and that old homeless geezer?! HAHAHAHA You're so funny!!

Does it effect Erica's bowel movements when she doesn't get enough formula in a day? I could always tell by Reagan's poops if he wasn't getting enough. Just curious if that is just a Reagan thing or if other babies are like that.

Agnes Mitchell said...

Becky, she's so cute. My nephew's sign is the face-rubbing. He FIGHTS sleep though. OMG - what are they so afraid of. Sleeping is GOOD! LOL Some day they'll understand.

Thanks so much for taking the time in what I know is busy busy busy life and offering thoughts and prayers. All fingers are crossed.
Hugs to you and eskimo kisses to that pretty little girl

Raj said...

I love watching kids when they are asleep. Erica looks very cute when she is asleep too.

I have 4 nieces and a nephew and i know about all about these signs.

I am going home tomorrow and this will be the first time i'll see my newest neice.

Becky L said...

clairissa-- you know, she has been a bit constipated. and that just ADDS to her to generally grouchy mood lately.

agnes-- it does seem odd that they fight sleep. erica does too at times. i think for her its b/c she doesnt want to be alone.

raj-- have fun seeing your new neice!

Clairissa said...

Uh oh constipation! If she isn't taking in enough formula, you've GOTTA cut back on her solids. Better to skip out on solids than on formula. You don't want her to be dehydrated. I had to cut back with Reagan too for awhilea few months back... she doesn't HAVE TO be on three solids meals a day until she is 9 months old so don't fret if perhaps only once a day she is getting solids. Formula is the most important for hydration, milk fat, vitamins and iron. :) Trust me, it will work and make things better if you do this.

JordanS said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Sleepy babies are the cutest.. I have a couple pictures of Mia my 2-year-old niece sleeping... OMG! She is SO SWEET! It's like... just so precious, I wanna kiss her and then hold her until she wakes up... which I usually do <3 hehe....

And I changed my picture to show it again when I commented on your question to it. Too lazy to change it back =P and someone we both know *coughYOUcouch* told me how much they like it! <3 hehehe


Abigail S. said...

It's hard to understand why babies resist sleep.... But then... so do I!!!