Wednesday, November 30, 2005

the dinosaur is back in town

awhile back, erica was sick.

they said she had bronchitus. [To figure out what that has to do with dinosaurs, you'll have to glance at my previous post, linked above.] And she was prescribed a medicine that cost$35 for only 3 tablespoons. Well, she's on that again. What a waste of money...

the dr. didnt say that it was necessarily bronchitis this time. Actually, he wonders if she may have asthma. hmmm... My dad had it real bad as a kid. so maybe...

She started off with a drippy nose about 2 weeks ago. Well, maybe 1 1/2. Regardless, she had a yucky runny nose. I thought she was just starting to teeth again... Then the cough started. I was giving her Pediacare Cough & Decongestant. But it really didnt do much. She was still sick. Well, the runny nose isnt so bad anymore. It just leaks a little bit. But the cough is getting worse.

Yesterday it started sounding awful. Her cough is even worse than when she had bronchitis before. She coughs so hard that it sounds like she's choking. She primarily coughs when she's tired, asleep, and just waking up. Not sure why its at those times... maybe cuz its when her body is the most relaxed. i dunno.

anyway, it was just awful. it was scaring me. She's in a GREAT mood. She isnt crying and fussing alot. Just coughing. But, i took her to the dr anyway. So, now she's on this medicine. No change yet... but she just got it yesterday.


[PS: no one guessed yet in the previous post if that was abby or becky in the picture...]


Tickneen said...

There is nothing worse than watching your kids be sick. By the way, congrats to you and your hubby on your baby! Sorry, I didn't read through your blog to find out how old she is.

It is way worse when they are under 3, once they get past 3 years old, they bounce out of sickness quite well, at least my kids did.

Sounds like she could have crupe or something?

Any you and Abigail are twins!? That is so cool you all share a blog! I have been trying to read up you guys, it's nice to meet some cool people out here in the blog world.

I guess I am rambling now... Take care and hope your little one feels better soon!!

'liya said...

Oh no, I always feel sad when little children are sick you just feel so bad for them. I hope she feels better soon.

Clairissa said...

Reagan says GET WELL to Erica! Fortunately, he has only been sick 1 1/2 times. The half is because this last time he just had a fever for a day or two right before Thanksgiving, but nothing else. Not sure what it was... anyhow, hope she gets better soon!!

Anonymous said...

Same thing with my little one (Chase 7 days to 1 Year old). He has a runny nose and just started coughing. We just started to use the triaminic infant melt in your mouth strips. We gave him one last night just before bed and he slept all night (what a relief). I just put him down tonight with his second dose, we'll see how that works. He is in great mood, just coughing and congested. Tried to find some pediacare cough and cold - went to 8 stores and no one had it. Did it get recalled I wonder? or are just a lot of kids sick?